London Tube This Week- Including Jason Keegan`s Birthday Party by Jas (Blog 227)

February 7, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

This weeks partying at London Tube in our Mayfair Sims was busy, busy, busy. On Monday it was DJ BlackBonez (aka Brandon) on the decks,and he was “rockin` da house”.


Snapshot_090 (5)

I stepped in as host. It was great to see some of the newer faces around the London Sims there, too.

Snapshot_093 (3)Snapshot_097 (2)


Then- at literally 2 minutes notice-the brilliant DJ Pyp (below, left) saved the day when we really needed her, and I hosted again.


Snapshot_028 (8)


Then, on Wednesday night we lured the unsuspecting Jason Keegan (Estate Manager) to the office for a meeting. But we had secretly planned birthday celebrations for him. After the meeting we played some hilarious rounds of musical chairs (not so easy in Second Life, but a lot less painful!), and then we whisked him off to London Tube for a party!


Snapshot_019 (2)


The atmosphere was really fun,as we celebrated Jason`s big day together.

Snapshot_059 (5)Snapshot_037 (3)



Madhatter (above) was DJ and Brandon was host.


Snapshot_012 (3)


Old friends and new came together to have a laugh..


Snapshot_063 (4)Snapshot_049 (8)

..and Jason seemed to have a great time!

Snapshot_024 (5)


The London Sims events are not just for special occasions, though. We have at least one party every night- sometimess 3 or 4! Come and join us this weekend and see for yourself.

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