London Valentine’s Days

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London Anti-Valentine’s Day

London Valentine's picture

I can’t stand another romantic Valentine’s Day!

Does Valentine’s Day make you want to faceplant? Are you fed up with the slushy soppiness of Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to suffer, instead you can rebel in style! Because you can turn up at London’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Party!

On Friday, London Valentine’s Season Starts With a Grungy Rock Party

London Valentine's Grunge

Join the Grunges, Ghouls and Grinders for Anti-Valentine’s Day Rock


Instead of the sickly sweet romantic puffery that happens on Valentine’s Day, let’s all enjoy ourselves with an outrageous rock party.  Grunge, grunge and more grunge – that’s the name of the day! Let’s all have a party that will have fun and isn’t all romantic and sloppy.

London Valentine's Grunge

Grunge style for Friday night

So get your best grunge garb on, go for the most outrageously anti-romantic stuff from your inventory trunk and trash those stuffy old romantic outfits! We’ll have the sickest time ever!

Event Line Up

The line-up for Friday is DJ Crazy with host JJ from 1pm to 3 pm SLT (To the Brits that’s 9pm-11pm) followed by Stevie and Phe from 3 pm to 5 pm SLT (For anyone who can’t work out that SLT is -8 hours from UK time – it’s 11pm-1am).

London Valentine’s Day Semi-Formal Dance

London Valentine's Day

Champagne and Chocolates – what more can a girl ask?

Okay so we’re giving in. We have to do the formal ball! This will be ultra-romantic and held on top of the romantic serpentine lake. A superb new dance floor has been created and is ready for your feet to touch the ground there.

A London Valentine for Couples

London Valentine's Ball

Join the crowd for the London Valentine’s Day Dance

Be ready to sweep your girl off her feet and up into your arms at this stunning new venue. Be sure to wear your best tuxedo and you shiniest shoes. To impress a girl of your dreams you only have to turn up here and whirl her around on the dance floor a few times.

London Valentine's Dance Floor

Romantic Venues in London

Take a chance this Valentine’s Day to make sure the rest of the year goes well. Find out what your woman loves and make sure she gets it – she’ll adore you for the whole year! Girls, find out what tickles your man’s fancy and oblige this weekend, he’ll never forget it and it’ll give you lasting pleasure throughout the year.

A London Valentine for Blokes

London Valentine's Day

Guys can pick from a bevy of beauties!

If you’re single guys – come along and choose from the best bevy of beautiful ladies in all of Second Life. They’ll be waiting by the dance floor for you to swish them off their feet. Just turn up, they’ll be glad to see you and delighted to dance with you. After all – you dance better in Second Life than you ever have a hope of doing in real life!

A London Valentine for Ladies

London Valentine's Chocolates

The Way to a Ladies’ Heart!

Ladies come and find the man of your dreams he’s coming here tonight just to find you. So look your best and be the happiest you can. Guys hate moods, so make sure you’re on top form. If you’re nervous get a few drinks to calm you down. Remember that these days a lady can ask a man for a dance – so don’t play hard to get, let him know you’re available – just not ‘too’ available! Good luck!

A London Valentine for Everyone

2015 02 11 Valentines Ball 4

Everyone enjoys themselves at London Valentine’s Day

Event Line Up

For everyone, London has a special Valentine’s Day of romance being led by DJ LB from 11 am to 1 pm SLT (7pm-9pm UK time) and then DJ Marek from 1pm to 3 pm SLT (UK time 9pm-11pm).

Just watch Ali and Lab lead the romantic style as they host this pair of superb DJs. How else can you say romantic ‘together ness’ than to have a loving couple host their night together?

 London – the Heart of Romance

London Valentine's Night Venue

London Romance awaits you

If you don’t already know – many couples from London in second life had become couples in real life.

One of our most famous couples is Jason and Destiny. Of course they were already married before they got here, however they’re still one of London’s most famous couples. Other London couples include Bigga and Jules as well as Ali and LabRat. People meet in London and often go on to meet in real life and ‘couple up’ there too! Sadly too, some no longer feel the need to come to Second Life when they’ve found their ‘one true love’ and we miss them a lot. They’ll always be remembered.

As so many couples have met in London, London Valentine’s Day has to be the most romantic place to be in all of Second Life.


Check out the semi-formal dance on Saturday whether you are in a relationship or looking for one – London Valentine’s Day Dance is the only show in town!



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