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London Shopping Experiences

While shopping in London, I came across other people doing exactly the same as me. London Mayfair is especially a great place to come shopping. It’s like the real life London shopping experience – without the crowds!

We all know and dread Christmas coming. What do we get for all those dear loved ones? Remembering that socks and chocolates aren’t the answer to everything.

London Shopping

London Mayfair from Piccadilly Fountain. A good place to start shopping.

So why not take a trip around the variety of stores currently in London. As you know, stores are opening up all the time and changing their stock too. So one day’s experience will be different from the next!

Before we go into a shopping experience here, we have to find a willing shopper who wants to talk to us. One such kind lady was Victoria (her real screen name -her real name is kept private to keep fans from mobbing her).

Who are London Shoppers?

As I found with Victoria, London shoppers come from all over Second Life. They aren’t necessarily members of the London community, they may be visitors or dedicated shoppers who are looking for some great things to buy.

They often return to London because they’ve shopped here in the past and found something they wanted. London shoppers love the discoveries they make in these sims.

My Chat with Victoria, a shopper in London Mayfair

So here’s part of my chat with the lovely Victoria.

Victoria's Secret Shopping Trip.

Victoria in Pixelworx.

[02:12] Debs Regent: Hi there Victoria

[02:12] Victoria: hay

London Shopping at Miss Jewel

Miss Jewel – the perfect place to get your bling!

[02:12] Debs Regent: I’m a London blogger and I’m looking for people in London shopping, to ask them about their shopping experience here

[02:12] Debs Regent: would you mind if I included you?

[02:13] Victoria: sure ask away

[02:13] Debs Regent: thank you

[02:13] Victoria: alright Hun

[02:13] Debs Regent: Can I start by asking you what brought you to London?

Victoria Shopping.

Victoria looking around Pixelworx

[02:14] Victoria: well I was on the prowl for a new dress so i came here

[02:14] Debs Regent: it’s nice to see you here

[02:14] Victoria: thanks

Pixelworx Shop.

Pixelworx on Bond Street

[02:14] Debs Regent: I see you’re in Pixelworks, do you like their range of clothing that you see here?

[02:15] Victoria: some of its nice but others a little to revealing for me

[02:15] Debs Regent: nods I totally understand.

[02:15] Debs Regent: can I ask you – have you bought anything here in London yet?

[02:16] Victoria: no not yet honestly I’ve just arrived

Regent Street

Regent Street. A perfect place to find that perfect dress.

[02:16] Debs Regent: sorry to have interrupted you so early in your hunt

[02:17] Debs Regent: do you have the London shopping notecard?

[02:17] Debs Regent: it should make shopping easier for you

[02:17] Victoria: no worries I’m happy to help and yes I do

[02:17] Victoria: thank you

London Shopping at Lola Creations

More stunning styles in London

[02:18] Debs Regent: wonderful to hear that. Thank you

[02:18] Debs Regent: Has the notecard made shopping any easier for you?

[02:19] Victoria: Yes and no – it’s made shopping easer not the choosing though

[02:20] Debs Regent: haha choosing isn’t easy

[02:20] Debs Regent: and finding the right shops is important

[02:20] Victoria: no its not and your right there

London Shopping Locations

We chatted for a bit then discussed the shops here in London Mayfair.

[02:23] Debs Regent: Maya’s a nice store to visit when London shopping

[02:23] Debs Regent: and Miss Jewell

[02:23] Victoria: ohh thank you

The Mayfair shopping experience

Victoria shopping in London Mayfair

[02:24] Victoria: let’s try them

As we walked around the stores in Bond Street, we came across another shopper. So we started chatting with him…

[02:25] Debs Regent: Hi Mikan

[02:25] Debs Regent: nice to meet you

[02:25] Debs Regent: are you shopping too?

[02:25].:MikanChang:.: I’m good!

London Shopping

Men’s T-Shirts at Lola’s

[02:26].:MikanChang:.: ^^: you go shopping sometimes ^^

[02:26] Debs Regent: haha yes I do

[02:27] Debs Regent: not at present though

[02:27] Debs Regent: because I’m stalking poor Victoria

[02:27] .:MikanChang:. : Ohh ^^;

London shoppng at it's best in Danika.

Try Danika for the pretty young thing look.

[02:27] Debs Regent: I love shopping and am writing a blog article about shopping

[02:27] Victoria: hay hay Mikan

London sophisitcation at Maya

Maya has a sophisticated shop and some stunning fashions to match.

[02:27] Debs Regent: Would you like to go to Maya’s store

[02:28] Victoria: sure why not

[02:28] .:MikanChang:. : I’ll be going now Debs!! I have what I want now!

[02:28] Debs Regent: OK

[02:28] Debs Regent: *hugs*

[02:29] Debs Regent: nice to see you

[02:29] .:MikanChang:.: bye bye!!

[02:29] Debs Regent: Kon’nichiwa!

[02:29] Debs Regent: let’s go

[02:29] Victoria: ok

Maya fashions for classy elegance

Some clothes Debs has bought here.

[02:30] Debs Regent: I love this store

[02:30] Victoria: thank you

[02:31] Victoria: pretty stuff

[02:31] Debs Regent: nods it is

[02:32] Debs Regent: As you can see, she makes mesh as well. She’s a lovely designer.

London Shopping

Maya Mesh Dress

[02:34] Debs Regent: let me show you one of the dresses here – I have a few ㋡

[02:34] Victoria: okie doke

[02:35] Debs Regent: I love this dress

[02:35] Debs Regent: for summer

[02:35] Debs Regent: I know you’re busy shopping Victoria, I’ll get out of your face and leave you in peace

[02:36] Victoria: I enjoy the company

[02:36] Debs Regent: haha.. Thank you

Shoppers in London Mayfair

Debs with Jennie, another shopper in London Mayfair

[02:36] Victoria: pretty dress

[02:36] Debs Regent: thank you

[02:36] Debs Regent: I saw it and grabbed it

[02:37] Debs Regent: there are so many more stores here too

[02:37] Victoria: complements your hair

[02:37] Debs Regent: yes…. very ‘pink’

[02:38] Victoria: lovely

[02:38] Debs Regent: thank you

[02:38] Debs Regent: thank you so much for talking to me

Victoria is typical of the lovely people we get exploring London and shopping in London Mayfair. Thank you Victoria for taking time out to talk with me. Come down and take a look at the wonderful stores in London’s Mayfair district today.







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