London`s 3 R s – Reading, Recki And Rock by Jas (Blog 318)

July 12, 2016 • Entertainment, News

Sexy Brits ( in the London Sims) seemed to have turned into a classroom last Sunday!

Host Recki had put out a blackboard, and looked very stern (but sexy) in her glasses.

DJ Easy (below) was the star pupil, especially when he admitted to being a gentleman – and said that women should always come first in life.

Apparently, in real life Easy (or the person beside his avatar) had also been a winner at a school recently. He admitted to having come third in the “Dad`s Race” he entered this week at their local Sports Day!
Snapshot_016 easy and recki

His rock tunes on Sunday deserved a gold star too, although I got the feeling he would have been just as happy to be branded a naughty boy by “Miss Recki”, and would have taken whatever punishment she had seen fit to give him!

Snapshot_007 just interesting

Jas (above) was learning to read one of the most necessary words for Second Life.

Ultimately Recki taught us the most important lesson of all – that the London Sims is all about fun, great music and long-lasting friendships.




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