London`s Club 2012 And Hyde Park – A Place To Find Love? by Jas (Blog 28)

September 16, 2012 • News

It`s looking like there`s something in the water in Club 2012, or in Hyde Park itself.
 Everyone`s getting all loved up at the moment!

Clearly “The Kavanaghs” (the real-life band) knew all about the magic that can happen in Hyde when they released a song about it last year:-
“Hello my lover,  I know we’ve been sailing under stormy weather

But now we’ve turned the page girl, Aren’t you glad that finally we can see the sun?

So would you like to spend the evening with me, on the green grass?
I’ll take my guitar; you can take a book to read if you want to.
Leaving it all behind,under the sun in Hyde Park.”
(Lyrics from Hyde Park by the Kavanaghs)


But, It seems this is no new thing. Poets have been writing about love both in the park itself and in the rest of Mayfair for centuries.

Thomas Hardy wrote “At Mayfair lodgings” (a love poem to a mystery woman) over 100 years ago. And, when William Makepeace Thackeray wrote:-

“At three, I went and tried the clubs,

and yawned and saunter`d too and fro,

And now my heart jumps up and throbs,

And all my soul is in a glow,”

it makes you wonder if he was having experiences similar to those that we have these days at Club 2012!

Recent research into dance by DrPeter Lovatt, Principal Lecturer of Psychology, at the Univeristy of  Hertforshire, indicates that ” the best way to attract a compatible mate is to relax and move naturally to the rhythm”. Maybe that`s the answer, then – at Club 2012 we have some great rhythms!

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  1. thats a great pic of us =) and we do look good together in rl if I do say so myself

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