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April 9, 2016 • Culture & Community, News

In the London Sims for the past six months we have been lucky enough to have one of the most bubbly DJs as a member of our  team. Recently, she has excelled herself as DJ Manager by bring many new and talented DJs into our clubs. So I thought it was time the spotlight was on her more. My avatar Jas  has hosted with her on many occasions (as the picture below shows) and, although I know she is an extremely popular DJ (especially amongst her many male admirers!), I haven`t really got to know her on a one-to-one basis very much at all. This interview is so that you (and I) can learn more about  the real person behind the DJ persona that we all know and love.

Snapshot_004.png as

So firstly, I ask Dreamer what her motivations were when she first became a Second Life DJ- only six months ago.

Snapshot_005 (7) She answers that she has always had a good ear for- and loved -music. She says she has an innate ability to listen to a new track and be able to tell whether it will be a hit or not. She is proud of her knowledge, she says, and of her commitment to her music. As with most music lovers, she feels a lot of powerful emotions  relating to tracks –  whether they make her “sad, happy, hyper/energetic or relaxed”. Through these feelings she is able to sense the “energy” she explains “-the potential to see how it will get people moving on the  dance-floor”.


She also loves the feeling that she has lifted people`s moods, she says- adding  “there is no better feeling then when I am doing something I love and enjoy, then seeing a huge crowd of people having an absolute blast as a result.” Well, we are certainly glad to have her in the London Sims, and she really does have the power to create a great party atmosphere!

Dreamer DJ Pictureeee=D

Why DJ in London, though, I ask – since she lives in Florida  in real life. She recalls that when a good friend first brought her into our sims, it was “love at first sight”. She smiles that London has “become a real home from home”.


She also loves the  ” atmosphere of being a part of something “, and enjoys “having wonderful people to interact with”.

Snapshot_004 (7)

(Above) Dreamer Leads the Pack

 “How do you see your role developing in London?” I ask next, “And how do you hope to grow with it?
Snapshot_009 (3)” She thinks for a moment before answering that she would like to know that she is still facing new challenges, as she always enjoys them. She adds that her “goal is to be the best at whatever level (she is) working at within London”. She says that if she ever did move on from here she would want to “leave her mark” with us, and be remembered for her “hard work and dedication to London”.
At the moment, though, she laughs that we aren`t about to lose her (phew!),and  she wants to “gain a lot more experience here”. She also speaks about wanting to see “London reach it`s full potential”, and says she wants to watch it “grow and blossom, with no boundaries or limitations.”
I ask a few more questions about her journey in Second Life, and she admits that at first she didn`t it very appealing. However, she smiles, once she discovered hosting and DJ ing it was a completely different matter!
sna_001 (3)
(Above) Dreamer in her  Second-Life and Real-Life Form.
I ask what else she does in Second Life when she is not working, but she says, even then, she is almost always in the London Sims. She particularly enjoys learning about “different cultures” through interaction “with all the awesome people”” she`s met. When I ask her who she would invite from Real Life into Second Life if she had the choice she laughs out loud. “Gerard Butler”, she smiles “Need I say more?”
And nSnapshot_025 (4)o , it seems that all has been said- other than to reiterate how pleased we are to have Dreamer as an important part of the London Team. She is a particularly conscientious and dedicated woman, who I feel is wise beyond her years.
She is, no doubt, destined for great things in both the real and virtual worlds. And, besides all that, she also has a great sense of humour (which is why she won`t mind me posting the above picture of her doing a strange monkey dance). Yay Dreamer- you go girl!

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