London’s own Sherlock Holmes reporting…

December 20, 2010 • News

I am Bean, London Guide Extrodinaire, hot on the tails of two rogue vegetables. Here I am at the scene of the crime. Mayfairs coach and Horses pub.

Rumour has it they bashed someone with a save the turkey board. They say it was an accident whilst moving their vegatetative state in the form of the macarena.
More info in, is that these two are a double act, they betrayed one of their cohorts Charlie courgette after he was seen eating a bacon sandwich.

50 lindens for each picture taken catching the two of them together. They wander round London pretending they are shopping for Christmas sprouts.

So come into London spot the Veg and bag yourself some lindens. Rumour has it they will be in Kensington 20th December and Knightsbridge on the 21st. more info to follow

Bean Cisse

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4 Responses to London’s own Sherlock Holmes reporting…

  1. Stavros Jolbey says:

    If you were sherlock you would of solved it by now, caught them and not need help

  2. bean cisse says:

    I know you wanted to be Watson well you will just have to enjoy being Hong Kong Phooy instead

  3. Stavros Jolbey says:

    I believe its Phooey… and I am too smart to be Watson..

  4. Debs Regent says:

    Why haven’t you apprehended them yet Phooy Stavros?

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