London’s own Sherlock Holmes reporting…

Debs Regent

Debs’ love of all things London. Her interest in virtual worlds inspired her to combine the two. She created a ‘virtual’ London inside Second Life - the virtual world created by Linden Lab way back in 2006. Since then, virtual worlds have evolved at a terrific rate. Now we’re looking at immersive gadgets that take us right inside the action. Debs is still in Second Life, but she's now branching out to other virtual worlds. Debs reports here on the latest happenings inside London in Second Life and writes about related virtual world topics. Her background is in strategy, marketing, IT, business, publishing, education and psychology. This is an ideal fusion to write on a variety of virtual world topics.

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4 Responses

  1. Stavros Jolbey says:

    If you were sherlock you would of solved it by now, caught them and not need help

  2. bean cisse says:

    I know you wanted to be Watson well you will just have to enjoy being Hong Kong Phooy instead

  3. Stavros Jolbey says:

    I believe its Phooey… and I am too smart to be Watson..

  4. Debs Regent says:

    Why haven’t you apprehended them yet Phooy Stavros?

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