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Second Life London’s Sexy Avatars

August 1, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

 Sexy Avatars

Sexy Avatars took the floor this week. Rounding off July, Londoner’s went full-steam into fun and costumes at London Nights’ Planet Earth dance club.  The highlight of the night was Jason prancing about in his pink bikini bottoms and white wellies with hearts on! Poor Destiny tried hard to cover him up while pretending she didn’t know him at all. Nice try Destiny, but he’s in your profile as your SL and RL hubby.

Apart from the big boy, there were plenty of lovely ladies. If you recall, this is an Adult sim so the gloves are off. Well most of everything else is too. Sexy came in all shapes and sizes as well at levels of clothing. The trick was to show just enough to make it revealing, without making to too medical.

Sexy Avatars

Sexy Avatars

 Sexy Avatar Entertainers

With Bigga on Decks and LabRat hosting, it was bound to be a busy night. As London doesn’t use bots in the clubs, there’s plenty of room for party goers instead. Bigga mixed a great selection of older and newer sounds, all getting everyone in the ‘sexy’ mood.

Bigga DJing @ Planet Earth

Bigga DJing @ Planet Earth

As caretaker manager, LabRat’s doing an astounding job. There’s something on every night. This event was so popular they crammed 40 avatars into the club. Labrat kept on going all night long, like a duracell bunny.

Sexy Avatars

Labrat Hosting @ Planet Earth

All of London was busy on Wednesday night, not just London Nights. Though it did look as if everyone was stuck together in ‘Nights’.

Sexy Avatar

Check out the traffic in London Nights

Lots of sexy sexy people were in the club. Here’s a selection of the sexy people in London Nights. Remember that the fun carries on all week long, so check out the schedule for the next night of fun.

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