London`s Timeless Love Affair With Ice by Jas (Blog 278)

November 19, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People

According to an article in Britain`s Daily Telegraph, we may be heading for a “mini ice- age”.

Londoners in the past were used to having to endure freezing temperatures for many weeks-

as this paper from 1608  shows:-

So, with the UK weather forecast  Houghton STC 11403 - Great Frost, 1608.jpgpredicting an “Arctic Blast”,

there seems no better time to explore the parties London folk have

frequented in winter throughout the centuries

  • both in the real and virtual worlds.

.Samuel Collings - Frost on the Thames - Google Art Project.jpg

Frost on the Thames – Samuel Collings 1789
London`s  Frost Fair was a popular attraction for hundreds of years.

When the river Thames froze people gathered to celebrate,

but it is believed that the removal of the old London Bridge (pictured in distance, below)

led to the Thames no longer freezing.

It was said in an almanac at the time that:-

“Our sapient common-council men, Have passed a stern decree…

Frost Fair on the Thames, with Old London Bridge in the distance - Google Art Project
..That London’s ancient Gothic bridge, Shall shortly cease to be”.

The wider arches on the new bridge led to the Thames` tidal waters flowing better.

And everyone was happy-or were they?

Many fondly remembered the fun and fairs they had enjoyed before.


Londoners missed having somewhere to skate.

Although there were bitter temperatures in 1912,

the Thames still hadn`t frozen enough

for a frost fair in a hundred years. Uller by W. Heine

1912 cold headline

The urge to skate was nothing new- Norse and Celtic gods had been depicted skating. But where to do so in London?

And so, (thanks for bearing with me -got a bit caught up in the history- there!)…

Temperature downSnapshot_011 (3)

..these days, all over London, when the temperature goes down  outdoor ice rinks spring up. Including the Winter Wonderland event in Hyde Park (pictured below).

And Second Life`s London sims are no exception.

Snapshot_004 (7)Pictograms-nps-ice skating-2.svg

We are having our very own Winter Wonderland events- with ice rink, too, of course!

    Snapshot_010 (3)
Winter Wonderland will be in Hyde from now on – over the entire Christmas period.

And, on December the 5th we are having a massive Ice Ball.

Guaranteed to spark romance this formal ball with fairy lights will be a night to remember.

(-more on that nearer the time.)

So come and do what centuries of Londoners have done before you and have fun

with friends or that special someone on the “Ice Ice Baby”!

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