London’s Top 5 Dancing Divas

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Top 5 dancing divas in London

There’s room for Zayn Malik in London now he’s left One Direction. He would fit in with the dancing divas who strut their stuff in the hub. Hyde Park comes alive when the dancing divas get going. People flock to see them wiggle their bits and many join in. It can be a bit puzzling for new users – who want to join in but haven’ yet mastered how. Bystanders watch in awe as these dancers go through their paces. While the divas dance, others watch and join in – all adding fun to the hub.

Who are the top dancing divas in London? Today Jules, Sor, Cazza, Angel and Gravenlore were the top 5 divas.

5 Top London Dancing Divas

1. Jules

Dancing Divas

Top Diva Jules

Jules makes the moves and is at the centre of the action. In her little white number she’s a real cutie. If you can see a resemblance to Baby Spice, you’re not alone. Her cute Geordie accent tops off the sugar candy package.

Jules is Bigga’s partner in real life and they make a lovely couple. A big secret is that it’s their joint Birthdays this weekend and on Monday London has a live singer – I hope he sings Happy Birthday to Jules.

2. Sor

dancing divas

Sor – the second dancing diva.

This Zayn Malik lookalike is the master of moves. Sor joins Jules in his well choreographed steps. In his black leather he could be the backing dancer for Madonna, Beyonce, Miley or Gaga. Sor’s often in the HUB, helping out, joining in the fun or just hanging around (usually in IM or working). Sors’ Zayn Malik style seductive smouldering makes him one of the top most eligible males in London. So girls… if you want this one you need to work hard at your moves. He’s the Zayn Malik of London.

3. Cazza

dancing diva

Cazza – always a dancing diva

Cazza breezes in and breezes out. Light as a feather, she’s the eternal butterfly of London. She’s a flash mob fan and has several flash mob videos of London to her name. Just watch her dance, she’s a tireless wonder and is one ‘too hot to trot’ dancing diva. She’s currently also single – so guys.. Get out there!

4. Angel (angelofanachy33)

dancing diva

Angel dancing

Angel is a relative newcomer to Second Life and London. She’s one of London’s regulars and likes to get involved in the action. She’s only been a part of SL for nearly 2 weeks now … but loves coming here, having a good laugh and dancing with others.

5. Gravenlore

dancing diva

Gravenlore joining in with the dancing

Known as a cute little pink teddy, Gravenlore’s voice is high pitched and squeaky – just like a real teddy. He’s always full of fun and jokes. Today Gravenlore was larking around with Sub. We were talking about who knows we log into Second Life.  The conversation went like this…

[04:35] Subdural: I told a RL friend and she came to SL and trolled me xD

[04:35] Subdural: now only my cell mate knows

[04:36] Gravenlore Gardiner (gravenlore): Which reminds me… Sub, I get the top bunk tonight

[04:36] Subdural: Warden, Grave is out of bed again!


Sub and Graven make a perfect SL Chat comedy duo!


If you know of any more dancing divas, let us know.


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  1. subdural says:

    How did I not win the dancing!? *Throws a media tantrum*

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