Love Dr Who? Visit the Dr Who Exposition in Katrina!

July 27, 2011 • Uncategorised

The Dr Who Exhibition in Hyde Park, was set up by Vic Mornington, one of the co owner’s of the Dr Who Exposition, which can be found on the Katrina sim in Second Life.  Vic kindly provided some information about the Dr Who Exposition and the Katrina sim, which will be part of a special series about the Dr Who Exposition:

Description:  The Doctor Who Experience & Cardiff if Second Life’s largest and oldest place dedicated to the oldest running Sci-Fi show on the planet, Doctor Who.

Covering an entire region it is modelled after Cardiff Bay which features several times in the new series of Doctor Who being aired on BBC 1.  The sim itself boasts the largest Sci-Fi mall in Second live with more than 100 vendors and space for over 30 more in the new revised rebuild of the mall.  The Doctor Who Experience is also partnered with the two biggest online Who fandom communities on the internet, Gallifreyan Embassy (PodSHOCK) and Doctor Who Online.  This regions hosts seasonal gatherings, the largest whovian gatherings in SL infact, for Doctor Who Podshock.
The Centre is one of the few malls in Second Life to have the major builders of TARDIS products in Second Life.  Just follow the coloured lines from the entrance to find them.  The other stores in the centre range from all different kinds of Sci-Fi and non sci-fi related items, from avatars, to ships to furniture and weapons, if your looking for it, odd’s are the Centre has it.

Check the blog tomorrow for information about the Zenobia Time Station!

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