Lovely Cottages Hyde Park

August 30, 2014 • Garden Design, Home & Garden, Homes To Let, News, Property News, Rentals, Second Life

Lovely Cottages

There are just 7 lovely cottages in Hyde Park. All are well hidden from the daily traffic. Each one is a little oasis in a beautiful park garden.

Lovely Cottage

Hyde Park Cottages tucked away in the Dell

Three cottages line the Serpentine Lake. Four further cottages lie in a secret dell alongside the lake. And in front of the formal gardens in front of Big Ben. Of these, two are still available for rent.

Lovely Cottage

Bridge Cottage in front of Big Ben

They’re really cosy cottages with a real English rustic feel to them. The main room is like a traditional hunting lodge. You can imagine a deer’s heads hanging above the mantelpiece with a raging fire blazing below. It’s just right for the closing in nights of autumn. With some chintz chairs, scatter rugs, an old tatty bookcase, and portraits of ancient long dead ancestors, you have the English cottage scene completed.

Lovely Cottage

View from the Italian Gardens towards Waterlily Cottage

Today of course you’ll want to have all the mod cons as well, especially in Second Life, where there’s an abundant wealth of choice of furniture. So may styles and periods to choose from – what will be your choice today? If What a lovely life it is to have a home in the park with beautiful gardens behind you and stunning lake in front of you. That’s why so many of these cottages are occupied, leaving only two available.

Lovely Cottage

The Lovely ‘Garden Cottage’

Of course these cottages are modelled on the gardener’s cottage in the real Hyde Park, being almost identical replicas of that quintessentially picturesque English Garden cottage. It has a very English chimney, diamond leaded windows, old bricks, and roses climbing up the.

Lovely Cottage

Across Serpentine Lake

Take a stroll around the park, take a stroll around the lake. Discover more of London for yourself. Of course there’s more than just the cottages to see, take a stroll to the northwest corner and you’ll find the famous Italian Gardens. These famous fountains of visited by hundreds of thousands of people every day in real life. These romantic fountains to have been created as a gift from Prince Albert to his beloved Queen Victoria. The water basins are all elaborately carved in marble Portland stone. These are surrounded by intricately carved stone urns that take their design from the swan’s breast, woman’s head, ram’s head, dolphins and oval. They’re are as romantic in Second Life as they are in real life.

Lovely Cottage

The Romantic ‘Italian Fountains’

There’s still some hidden cash to be found somewhere!!!





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