3 Tips for Handling Today’s Second Life Rolling Maintenance

July 8, 2014 • News

Maintenance Day!

Stop what you’re doing from 3.00am PDT (UK time 11am). Linden Lab is adjusting Second Life again. The regular weekly rolling restart is commencing today and will affect rezzed items, making inworld L$ through transactions and builds. A rollout usually also means a ‘roll-back’ which in turn means you may lost things you’ve done during the past few hours.

To Stay Ahead

1. Don’t spend or sell. Good message about austerity here! The cash is unlikely to vanish, but may just do so. Items purchased during this time may also not be delivered, so be warned – or you could be in for a long exchange of IMs with the creator (who also didn’t get your money).

2. Don’t rez non-copy items. If you do, they may fall down the black hole of ‘rolling restarts’ and be impossible to recover. If you treasure it – stash it!

3. Copy all builds you’re working on. Every IT tech knows the motto ‘back up your work’. It’s curious how few forget to do just that. Result- precious time spent developing the best new laser gun that SL has ever seen will be gone in an instant – laser evaporated.

Motto to Stay Safe During System Maintenance

So to stay safe from the effect of rolling restarts – chat with friends, party, play but don’t spend or create. It’s one of those days you put your head down and just kick back just to enjoy life.

Rolling Maintenance Main Channel

For those who want to follow Linden Lab maintenance messages in Second Life – here is the full message and link.

[Posted 8:47 PM PDT, 7 July 2014] We will be performing rolling maintenance for regions on the main Second Life server channel on Tuesday, July 8th, beginning at approximately 3:00 AM PDT. Please refrain from rezzing no copy objects, making inworld L$ transactions and remember to save all builds.



Computer Servers Needing Maintenance




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