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Cental Location Mansions in Hyde Park


Mansion Houses in Second Life London

There are few places in London more central than Hyde Park. As a location it is a short stroll from busy shopping areas in Knightsbridge and Mayfair as well as the night life of the Coach & Horses and Chubby Checkers. The beautiful streets attract an international clientele drawn in by the close proximity to London’s excellent social, and retail centres. Hyde Park’s setting means it never falls out of favour, earning it a reputation as a ‘safe haven’ for residents looking for sound long-term prospects.

A Royal Park of the Highest Order


Kensington Palace – Hyde Park

The park itself is modelled on one of eight parks with Royal status. In the real world the park spans over 350 acres and homes famous landmarks such as Speakers’ Corner, the Serpentine Lake and the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain, it is one of London’s most visited attractions. The park fell into Royal hands in 1536, when Henry VIII acquired the land from the monks of Westminster Abbey. Over the years it has witnessed scenes of jubilation, contemplation and protest, and it remains a focal point for activity today. From the Serpentine art gallery to the rock concerts that fill the park with sound during the summer months, the park is a social whirl throughout the year.

Property to Rent


Mansions for homes

Choosing to live in Hyde Park is not for the feint hearted. It’s central location and world-recognised address carries with it a premium, and in the real world it’s quite normal for even the smallest of properties to fetch in excess of £1 million. In Second Life the relative price for one of the  largest mansions is modest at $999 Lindens per week.

Hyde Park neighbourhoods, such as Bayswater Road and Palace Gardens, are awash with prime – and sometimes palatial – residences that have always found favour with the jet set. It was a somewhat discreet property market quietly minding its own business until Palace Gardens burst onto the London real estate scene. Hyde Park competes with the virtual world’s most enviable addresses. Those properties for rent enjoy park views and understandably command upper tier values and boast the most stunning views across Central London.

If you decide to consider Hyde Park when renting a new home, remember there are only a few available but there are also smaller homes in other areas of London. If you need help we have a team who can advise on the best addresses to look for and help you find the right property for your requirements. Contact Sunbeam5, Sorucis or Debs Regent for help.




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  1. Magnus Brody says:

    I moved in and I love it. Gorgeous house, views to Hyde Park and right in the middle of the friendly goings on in London. The neighbours are lovely too.

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