Mar Biddle visited Philly’s Bar

April 2, 2012 • Entertainment

No, it was no April fools although it was Sunday, 1st April 🙂 Philly’s Bar was visited by Mar Biddle last night. Her music contains jazz, musicals, ballads, pop and blues. She has a wonderful voice and was well worth listening to. If anyone didn’t had the opportunity to hear Mar sing last night, I can reassure you that we will try to get her back again soon. Second life (SL) is a great place to be and one good reason for that is just performers like Mar Biddle. A big thank you, Mar for sharing your great voice with us and those wonderful songs. 

When I arrived my first thought was: “Now what have they been up to in here?” Two big trees on the dance floor. Got a small feeling that we was about to get a park on our own right there inside Philly’s Bar. Well, that will not happen. It was Jacomo and Kai, both dressed up as trees 🙂 I have to admit that they did look nice out there on the floor dancing.  It was another great evening at Philly’s. Later that night Rrishanna Regina took control over the stream and played some great tunes as well. At that time I was so tired and forgot all about taking pictures. Anyway, I have a few that I like to share and more will come in the future..

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