Master Lysios Plays Hyde Park Today

March 31, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Hyde Park Events

TODAY @ 1pm SLT (9pm UK Time)
Master Lysios

Master Lysios Signs in the HUB

New to London are the Hyde Park events. Jules and Dave will be scouting around Second Life for the best acts available and bringing them to London. Watch the Calander and the board in the HUB for the best events in Second Life.


About ML (Master Lysios)

Master Lysios

Singing in Style all over Second Life


Tonight in Hyde Park we’re proud to announce that ML will be singing up a storm. A familiar face on the SL live artist scene, he’s become one of the most popular acts in Second Life.

ML has a way with rock. A a first class singer, he belts out the songs with his rugged voice that mimics rocks greatest. He sings legendary rock songs from groups such as AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and ZZ Top.



Master Lysios does a pink floyd tribute in SL with a full band, but he always sings live. His lovely partner is his manager in SL and Master Lysios often sings with his delightful partner Rhesa Aderyn (rhesaaderyn), who may join him if we’re very lucky.


Just to prove he’s adaptable, here’s a crooner to listen to while you wait for this evenings performance.


He also covers classic oldies like this one from Neil Young and even sounds like the original.

Rock Singing Secrets to become like Master Lysios


Master Lysios

Judas Priest have a strong Rock God Image


Here are some tips if you want to become a great rock singer like Master Lysios.


You may have a great voice, but that’s not everything you’re going to need in the business. You’ll require a lot more than that, because in the rock biz, your voice is only half of your career. What’s the other half, you ask? That’s what you’re going to learn now, if you just keep reading…


Before we go and look at that mysterious other half though, let’s consider a bit what makes a great voice in rock singing. You’ll need to have a rough quality to your voice, and you should work on your lower register. Most importantly, you’ll need the correct technique to pull off exhausting gigs and loud choruses without your vocal cords going bye-bye. If you haven’t had singing lessons before, you should definitely consider taking them. But if you don’t have the money for a vocal coach, that’s no problem – just check out YouTube for some free singing resources.


If the one half of your career is your voice – and some would argue it’s even less than that – the other half is your presence. Your sheer presence, your image, your appearance – that’s what makes a truly great rock star. So you need to work on that! Buy some expensive and eccentric clothes, get some tattoos and piercings. Seriously though, you need to work on your presence and charisma. Practise singing in front of a (large) mirror, work out some subtle choreography, and ask yourself – how do you want to look like in front of the audience? What aspect of a singer’s way of moving would make you go “wow”? If you’ve got this figured out, then you’ve almost decoded the secret to being a rock star.


However, there’s just a tiny bit more to it than that. You’ll also need to watch out for some other issues once your career actually starts rolling. So my next tip would be – and this is really important – quit smoking! Or don’t even start. You’d think that about 50% of all the professional rock singers love their cigarettes, but in reality, it ruins their voices instead of enhancing them. Trust me! If you want your career and voice to sustain over a single decade, avoid smoking.


Look at you now! You’re almost there. Try out your new act with a friendly audience first. See how they like your whole act and start getting some gigs.






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