Mayfair Hub Comes Alive in London

September 22, 2014 • Culture & Community, Homes To Let, News, People, Rentals, Second Life, Shop Rentals, Shopping, Social Media

Mayfair Hub is Selected

London Mayfair Hub is now in the ‘Discussions and Communities’ section in the Second Life Destination Guide.

London Mayfair Hub

Come and hang out in London Mayfair. New or old, everyone is welcome. With their full team of friendly greeters, you’ll be sure to have all your questions answered. There is also a freebie store and designated new user experience.

Visit in Second Life

Why We Love the London Mayfair Hub

Mayfair Hub is the latest place to hang out in peace and quiet with a group of friends. Meet new people here and connect with the London community in the virtual world Second Life.

London Mayfair Hub

Chatting with friends

London Mayfair Hub is a new central community location. It’s a place to hang out with your friends and chat about everything you want to. Voice enabled, it’s also perfect as a tranquil place to stop by for a chat while shopping.

London Mayfair Hub

Hang Out With Friends

As a community hub, it’s right in the centre of Mayfair, right next to the freebie centre and right by the London Rental offices. It’s also in the middle of the shops in London Mayfair. So come, check out a place to live, visit the shops and hang out with some gret people here.

So come to London and relax in one of the many hubs. All are voice enabled and popular with both new users and regulars. The hubs are staffed by a large greeter team who are there to welcome you and make you feel at home in London.

London Mayfair Hub

Friendly People

I was standing in the London Mayfair hub today when Dee Dee dropped by. She was just strolling around London exploring and came over me in the hub. It was great to see her pop in for a quick chat and we ended up chatting for ages. Greeters Sun and Wiccy joined us, then Luce joined us too from Hyde Park Hub.

London Mayfair Hub

Dee Dee drops in to say Hi

She liked the quieter atmosphere in London Mayfair Hub and joined in with our conversation. Unfortunately I had to go shortly after because I was up until 2am chatting with Sun last night.

See what’s going on here. Come down to Mayfair Hub. It’s a great place for friendly conversations. Not as big as Hyde Park, it’s full of its own inner city character. A great place to relax and arrange to meet friends.

5 Steps for Good Communication

One thing in common for discussion and community is conversation. How do you converse and communicate?

20140922 pics_012

Listen to others

Here is a list if ways to carry on a conversation so people will want to talk to you again:

  1. Ask questions.
    People love to be asked about themselves, so go on – do it! It gives you something to remember them for next time you meet.
  2. Answer questions
    When someone asks a question, they ask because your answer is interesting to them. Don’t go rattling on about something you want to push and they aren’t interested in. You’ll only annoy them and they may ‘fake crash’ to get rid of you.
  3. Listen
    When you ask a question, listen to the answer. You’ll know more about that person and whether they are worth getting to know better that way.
  4. Don’t cut people off
    There’s nothing ruder than talking over someone else or interrupting them in mid-sentence. When you do that, you’re saying “you’re smarter than they are, and you already know what they’re going to say.”. You’ll get more fans by listening to people and treating them with respect.
  5. Be Yourself
    Don’t try to impress other people with what you know and how you’re better than they are. It’s an instant ‘turn off’ and can make people get angry with you too. Avoid being loud and aggressive, while people may pretend to like it to your face – they will talk behind your back about your rude behaviour to others.

This is my 5 quick tips to being a popular person in the hubs. One that other’s look forward to seeing there and wait for you to arrive.

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