Mayfair Revives a Four Century Old Tradition

April 30, 2010 • Uncategorised

In Mayfair this Bank Holiday weekend:
Join us this weekend in MAYFAIR to celebrate the spring. Enjoy the may poles and fun fair which will start arriving Friday in Park Lane.
Mayfair is named after the annual fortnight-long May Fair that took place on the site that is Shepherd Market today (from 1686 until it was banned in that location in 1764). Until 1686, the May Fair was held in Haymarket, and after 1764, it moved to Fair Field in Bow because the well-to-do residents of the area felt the fair ‘lowered the tone’ of the neighbourhood.

Click HERE for a tp to the May Fair. Enjoy your stay in London!

Information from: Torric Rodas

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