Merchant Spotlight – Thati Miles Fashions by Jas (Blog 188)

November 20, 2013 • Beauty & Fashion, Merchant Spotlight, News, Shop Rentals

Under the shadow the virtual Big Ben lies one of Knightsbridges most popular stores - Thati Miles Fashions. It is one of many stores that Thati owns and designs for, and were very happy that she chose the London Sims as one of her locations. I went to talk to her about her business, and hoped to get a feel for her character, too.

Thati started in Second Life over six years ago, and initially worked as a dancer in several clubs. Then, she progressed to working in photography, and still has a studio as part of her main store, where she “occasionally still does photos for clients”. Then, about three years ago she started designing clothes and opened her first shop. She makes all her creations in-world, and says her real life background in publicity has really helped with things like Photoshop and other softwear for 3D work.  She says her  inspiration for her clothing comes from the dresses in her native Brazil, and says “The worlds most glamorous mini dress is only the beginning.”

When asked why she picked the London Sims as the location for her store she says its because "London is a good place", and talks about our "good traffic and good customers." She says she would ideally like to move her main store to our sims. Her ultimate description of her clothes is "the synonym of class,style and sensuality", and she describes her stores as "THE destination for chic womens clothing.” I think I`d have to agree. Thati ,very kindly, gave me a free dress from her latest collection-  it was gorgeous!

I found Thati herself to be a very friendly and open business woman. She did however wisely warn of the dangers of  people giving away too much information online – advising that the “WWW is so good, but we all have to take care.” She said she always keeps her real life and Second Life completely separate.

Id thoroughly recommend a visit to "Thati Miles Fashions" in our Knightsbridge sim. You certainly wont  want to come away empty handed!





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