The Michael Jackson Tribute Event Was Amazing!

June 26, 2016 • Entertainment, Music, News

MJ Tribute Lrg Collage

Like the King of Pop himself, this event was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was there. The playlist was great and I could tell the crowd was having so much fun! DJ Star looked great in his Michael Jackson outfit, as did the other people who were dressed in MJ outfits or avatars. We all enjoyed hearing the selections that DJ Star had put together to keep the party moving. And as each one was played you could hear the crowd’s joyous reactions to their favorite songs. Sharing our love and our happiness we’ve always felt when listening to the King of Pop’s hits.

Star & Dreamer Stage Collage

DJs Star & Dreamer on stage

These songs bring back so many good vibes, feelings, memories, and when we hear them and feel this way, we honor him and the joy he brought to us. Can you imagine with all the musical losses we’ve had this year alone, what it must be like in heaven? I mean WOW! God’s got an unbelievable group up there now! Okay sorry, back to earth! Both DJ Star and DJ Dreamer (hosting) were reminding us of facts they knew about Michael Jackson concerning his life. And there were a couple of trivia type questions to jog our memories even more so. One of them was about The Wiz, of which I have fond memories!

MJ Signs Collage

Decor & Signage Surrounding the stage

And as always, the decor was great! Totally, completely MJ’d up! There were decorations, statues, a slideshow behind the stage that changed showing the different album covers from MJ’s extraordinary life. My RL and my connections caused me to miss the first hour and the very end but I was there for a majority of the event. We had patrons there even down to the pint sized fan I saw jamming out to the music. He was such a cutie pie! The little cutie pie is in the bottom left corner of the first collage at the beginning of this article.

DJ Star MJ Collage

Star in his MJ outfit

And even with all this fun going on DJ Star says he is gonna take a break from SL for a bit. DJ Star didn’t say how long he would need, but he will be missed! I for one love going to his sets when ever I can make them. And these special events are really great! I’ve always loved the music he prepares for the crowds during his regular sets and I just prefer his style of music he chooses and how he offers up information he knows about artists or songs. We’ve been friends for a while and I will really miss being able to attend.

So look out you other London DJ’s! If you play R&B, Soul, Funk, Disco or Retro, I may be coming to check you out! Or if you do, make sure you note it in those notices so I will know. Maybe I can make it. With all my current RL commitments, it may be hard as it has been with Star’s sets for me, but I will definitely try.

MJ Angel

And if you haven’t been to one of the London events, you need to come to one! They put on a great show let me vouch for them myself. This event was done with no requested tips of any kind! How great (and rare) is that? Just come out and have a great time! You miss out when you don’t make it, even if just for the music! Make it a point to get to one as soon as you can. Until next time!

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