SecondLife is Minecraft for Grown Ups

Minecraft for Grownups!

February 19, 2014 • Business, Culture & Community, Guys n Geeks, News, Tech & Gadgets

Now you’ve reached 16 .. where do you go to?

You’ve outgrown Minecraft – that’s for kids and trolls and you’re now looking for a new experience – so where do you go?

Minecraft cube

Minecraft Cube

Well, it depends on what you want to do?

Different people have different interests, but my guess is – if you hit 16, you’re looking to start dating (if you’re not already sorted).

One sick way to get great dates is to join a virtual world for adults, yes there are loads out there, such as Red Light District, but these aren’t social – they’re sexual. OK for geeky boys in shorts and old men who can’t get a date, but for you ? – no!

What if you like Minecraft – but have simply grown out of it?

One platform that comes to mind is the Second Life / Open Sim platform, where you build with blocks, just like Minecraft and is the place I’m sure Minecraft got its inspiration from.
 photo 20140219mineSL_002_zps9c8585b4.jpg
These platforms have been around for ages and can be as simple as Minecraft and rezzing coloured boxes if you want – or.. you can let your imagination run riot and build an entire city, just as the London team have in Second Life (the social hub and biggest player of this platform) and Avination (a high quality Open Sim derivative which opens up a world of new possibilities).

Great physics here too – that make it wicked for driving, jet skiing, flying and heaps more.

This platform also uses ‘Mesh’, so although you can still rez blocks (called prims in these worlds), you can also use your favourite 3D graphics package and graphics program to create complex shapes and objects.

Blender 3D Mirror 1

3D creation from Blender


Gimp Graphics Desktop



If you’re strapped for cash, you can get free versions of these – Gimp (which calls itsef an Image Manipulation Program) is a free open source tool and Blender is a free 3D creation tool. So you even have free tools at your fingertips. Can you ask for anything more?

– YES!

Don’t want to pay for a virtual world either? – Host your own!

Open Sim is a network of virtual world users, all with their own ‘world’ of regions on their computers at home or hosted privately and connected through a link called a ‘Hypergrid’.

Only problem is this takes a bit of technical knowledge, but with good use of Google and YouTube tutorials, you can get fixed up in no time. The only issue with Open Sim is that it’s not too well populated and the only world that currently has high traffic is Second Life.

Take a Bite

Take a Bite of the Grown Up Stuff

So, if you have finally grown up, got rid of your baby teeth and want to bite hard on the grown up world, try the Second Life / Open Sim options. You may be delighted by what you find you can do there and you could make a lot of money too if yo can make something everyone else wants!

Good Luck!


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