Minecraft Madness!

May 10, 2014 • Culture & Community, News

Some of you may know what Minecraft is but for those that don’t I will try to explain it. Minecraft is an indie Sandbox type game that was created by Swedish programmer Markus Persson also known as “Notch” to Minecrafters. Since its release way back in early 2009 it has become  a hit to online gamers and has even gained cross-platform status expanding its reach.  I would imagine  at this point you may be asking yourself why did I write about Minecraft on a Second Life blog. Some of you might have noticed the Minecraft setup just outside the hub in Hyde Park.

Hyde Park

As I was setting up to take some shots for this blog post I noticed something very interesting. I decided to take a closer look and slowly walked over drawing closer and closer to the Minecraft setup. Just as I reached the door to the little wooden pixellated hut a dark figure came into view. I jumped back and ran off, But not before snapping off a photo of the creature.


After a little research I found out that this dark figure is an Enderman. A creature that  comes out at night and attacks you if you are not safe in your little hut. Well lucky for me I had the sense to get out of there before he got me. Now all this happened on a  Wednesday and as luck would have it the London Team had a meeting set for this very day. So as a member I decided to show up and express my concerns over the things I had seen and learned.

What I found at this meeting was….well. I’ll just let these photos of Bigga and Sun also members of the team tell the tale.

Bigga and Sun

Is London safe from this Minecraft Madness? I’ll let you the readers be the judge of that.

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