Mondays are Trivia/Game night at Coach

March 27, 2011 • Uncategorised

Everyone that has been to Coach and Horses when Mia has done trivia the last month or so have loved it. And co-manager Aarons has said that other members loved when trivia was at the pub.

SOOOOO Coach and Horses is going to start a Trivia/Game night every Monday 1:30-3:30p slt.
Some weeks it might be win so many lindens per correct answer, other times it might be prizes you can win. It is always fun seeing who is the fastest to answer, how many try to cheat and google the answer fast enough (which on harder ones thats what it comes down to).
Games might be a variety thrown in here and there. Right now we do have an unscramble word game we can play and we are working on other games to rotate into it.
Trivia will be the main focus for Monday nights with the other random games thrown in here and there from time to time.
So brush up on lots of trivia. .We plan on having some London trivia as well as alcohol, blues and other themes for the trivia questions.
Sample questions – In the early 1960s, a new Blues movement was growing in the London clubs. Who was known as the ‘Founding Father of the British Blues’?
A raisin dropped into a glass of this will repeatedly bounce up and down between the top and the bottom of the glass.
So join us at Coach and Horses Pub every Monday from 1:30-3:30p slt for great top 40 tunes from DJ Aarons and join in the fun of trivia with Mia.

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