Money Making by Creating in SL Today

March 3, 2016 • Advice, Business, Culture & Community, News, Second Life, Tech & Gadgets

Who is a creator? Anyone who has a talent and knows how to use that talent. The even bigger question is “How do I make money through my talent?”

Creating for Money


Scripting for Money

A typical script

Scripts are the things that make stuff happen in virtual worlds. We need scripts to make things do things. If you already code, you have a head start, especially if you code in C#. Find out who needs scripts, agree a price and make them. This is probably one of the easiest ways to start making money in Second Life – providing you already have skills in this area.


It was once the case that if you can manipulate prims, you can make money. This seems to no longer be the case. People increasingly want mesh – mesh bodies, mesh clothes, mesh feet, hands, heads, and other parts too. People also want detail. If you are already working as a 3D graphics artist, you can make money here. However you better be pretty good at it as there’s a lot of competition out there already. People are carving their personal niches in areas such as fashions, gardens, buildings and even bodies.

Building for Money

Unique Creation – Coach and Horses



Everyone wants a good avatar. Everyone wants to have an avatar outfit suitable for the occasion. Many people (especially girls) want the latest and greatest looks available. Guys need to keep up with them to avoid being shunned by these lovely ladies. Although making good clothes is a niche and is not an easy thing to do. Clothing sells well. This includes, mesh bodies, faces, hands, feet and everything else. To dress these, people need mesh clothes too. While mesh bodies are relatively new, it’s a good time to get into outfitting them. Takes a lot to learn, but could well be worth it if you have talent.

Making Clothing for Money

Shopping for the best Avatar


Another skill in demand these days is design. Because it’s an art to make things look good, design is one of the top skills needed. Interior design, garden design, terrain design, or any form of design you can think of. People who are cash rich but time poor will pay for good designers these days. If you have a good eye for what looks right, then give it a go. Practice on friends first to gain skill in this area and put your skills out there.

Designing for Money

Design is everything in Second Life

Warning for Buyers

There are a lot of good people out there, but also a few sharks. Never pay up front, because you may never see that person again. I was once bragged at by someone who’d ripped a client off for $50,000 Lindens and disappeared down a black hole. I was not impressed.

Make sure you have some form of written agreement in RL, because if you don’t, you may get shoddy work delivered as ‘what you asked for’ and an angry creator demanding money because as far as they were concerned, you got what you asked for. Be specific about what you want and be detailed too. If buying from the Marketplace, try to see the goods in-world first. It’s always useful to get someone else’s opinion on the merchant or use a reputable brand.

Sharks looking for Money

Shady characters in Second Life

One last word. Good Luck – Happy Creating!

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