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February 2, 2016 • Business, Entertainment, Music, News, Second Life

Making Money through Entertainment

Making money through entertainment is possible. However you usually need to spend money or time to make money, just as in real life. One of the least expensive areas for getting into making an income is Entertainment.

There are 4 ways to make money in Second Life and each will be covered in an article. In A nutshell the categories for making money are: Entertaining, Creating, Reselling, and offering Specialist Services.

This is the first article in a 4-part series.


This is a huge topic as there are so many variations on entertaining. These come from kiddies parties all the way through DJ’s, live musicians, comedians, dancers, burlesque, exotic dancers and way over to sex orgies.

money through entertainment

Making Money Through Entertainment


When you hear the word ‘club’ you think entertainment so why not make money through entertainment. In Second Life this can cover a wide range of options. Most clubs play music of one sort or another. This means either a live performer or a DJ. Both performers and DJs need MCs or hosts, because they will be focusing more on their music and performance than the audience. Though hopefully on both.

money through entertainment

Rave Parties need good DJs


Play recorded music and mix it for the audience. This means you need to have a streaming license (though most don’t and wing it because it is expensive). DJs also need the streaming equipment (something like Sam Broadcasting) and a large record collection (made easy by torrenting) so make sure your bandwidth is up to it. It also takes time to queue up the music and make sure it’s in good play order (allowing for the odd request to be inserted into the play list). DJs can get paid directly for this from the venue – often at around $1000 a 2 hour session. Alternatively, they get tips. In good clubs, a good DJ can exceed $10,000 a session, so the tips option is often the best way to go. This is normally split with the venue, who can take 10-50% of tips (how did you think they paid for the venue?). This is a good way to money through entertainment. A quick ‘heads up’ is that London does not currently take a split of your tips. It has it’s own tip jars which it would like you to promote as well to pay for the venue.

money through entertainment

Dancing and DJing in London

If you have what it takes, check out a club you like and apply to DJ there (as long as you have the right equipment). To DJ in London, contact the Entertainment Manager.


Hosts host. That’s pretty much it. You will use dialogue (mostly in chat) to keep the crowd entertained and encourage people to tip and bring their friends to the venue. It’s your job to also welcome newcomers to the venue itself as well as send out the notices to let everyone know about the event. The more groups you can ‘spam’ into, the more people might come – and the more tips you could get. Get a good DJ in a popular club and it’s dollar signs all round. Don’t be mistaken that this is an easy job. These people are full on for 2 hours, paying attention to everyone in the room, while also sending out notices to get other people to join in. You will get tipped, like the DJ, but Hosts tend to make slightly less than the DJ does (apart from in exceptional cases). See the DJ entry for more information on this. This is the low cost entry to earn money through entertainment.

money through entertainment

Hosting can be fun

You can apply to become a host almost anywhere and give it a try. To host in London, contact the Entertainment Manager.


Shows are one off events. They are often carefully planned in advance and may take several days to work out. If you want to be part of a show for money, don’t expect too much. Because any tips and income is shared between all entertainers, it’s a smaller part of the pot. Many performers do it because of the love for their art, rather than for making money. One exception is solo singers, who can make a reasonable amount of money. You need to have a great voice for this so this is the highly skilled way to earn money through entertainment.

money through entertainment

You can always mock up your own idea for an event

Having your own show can be a heap of fun. As it’s often a one-off, there’s a lot of planning for one day. Most of all, these are enjoyable to do.

 Stars and Performers

Second Life has it’s own celebrity list. Becoming part of this A-list can make an artist’s career. If you have a good voice, a good guitar style, or any other skill in performance, it’s worth giving it a go. You could become an SL celebrity!

ML is a good example of a great talent in Second Life, as is Gena Gracemount.

If you have what it takes to Entertain in London, contact the Entertainment Manager.

Special Events

I would include events such as kiddies parties, live musicians, comedians, dancers, burlesque, plays, fashion shows and exotic dancers in this category. I have missed out sex orgies simply because I have no idea what goes on and how people get paid!

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