Shaking our Tail Feathers, and Trivia, too by Jas (Blog 295)

January 29, 2016 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People

Typically, as soon as I`d posted my last blog about silliness- sometimes struggling to find silly pictures, the next few nights everyone is doing silly things! It has been a funny old week in the London Sims, with a lot of change and planning for future seasons.


We brought back Linden winning trivia questions (by machine) during DJ Rockets sets, and also have big plans for a weekly Trivia event - to be held at the Coach and Horses. I will be your trivia host and there will be lindens prizes for the first correct answers. These events wont be starting for a few weeks, but we are hoping they will be a big success and we can recreate the trivia fun we used to have at the Coach years ago!

sexy brits.trivia winner ruby_001 (2)Snapshot_015 (3)The winners of this weeks trivia at Sexy Bits were Ruby (above, left) and Jas, right (aka me). 

Snapshot_009 (5)Snapshot_002 (8)
So, continuing on from my last blog, here`s a few more pics (above) of silly avatars I have captured in our sims over the past few days.

And as for silly antics – read on – there`s been several of those this week!


egypt_001 (2)

DJ Dreamer`s set on Wednesday was, as usual, lots of fun. The girl herself (pictured above) looked very colourful and handed out hula hoops for us all to try out

  • especially during one particular song:

“Round and round your loving winds me up -Like a hula, hula hoop, hula, hula hoop, oh.”

  • Hula Hoop Omi

Of course, as they are  in real-life, some of the guys were far too cool for all that kind of thing!

Snapshot_006 (7)d_001 (2)

My avatar Jas had a go (left), but I didn`t seem to have quite the same perfect technique as Dreamer did !

Then, on Thursday I volunteered at the last minute to host at Dreamers event. I havent hosted in SL in years, and the DJ did more than her fair share of work, but I enjoyed it. So, thanks everyone for making me feel welcome, and for all your tips! Maybe, after spending some time reminding myself of the hosting basics, I can do some more events – and hopefully start to accumulate some of that lovely furniture I blogged about previously. Perhaps, even the house in the park could become more than a dream!


dundrix matthew jules_002 (2)

When sorting through my pictures the other day I spotted something in a small part of the shot. I did not see this avatar at the event – and yet in the pictures he is clearly visible looking through the door at us. I have never seen him before or since. Could aliens have really landed in Hyde, as one of my previous blogs suggested? This girl (below, left) certainly seemed to be searching the skies for something! As for the cause of DJ Rocket`s stretchiness (below, right)-perhaps he is trying to get high enough to see them? His name, however, suggests that he is more than able to go into space to check them out in their natural environment!

Snapshot_011 (5)Snapshot_006 (8)


On Monday I noticed my hat was Snapshot_003 (11)smouldering as I went to an event at Sexy Brits.

Snapshot_007 (6)

What could it be? When I got to the venue it seemed that someone else (left) was having similar issues.

Well of course in Britain on January the 25th we celebrate the work of the poet Robert Burns. Its even called “Burns Night”.

Could this explain the fiery ball our guest had been engulfed in? No- one  mentioned the date.


Could this all have been coincidence- or maybe those aliens at work again? Either way she seemed to be enjoying the flames ( of passion?) that were sweeping over her.

“Gonna let it burn burn burn burn , We gonna let it burn burn burn burn”
Ellie Goulding – Burn

dave sparda and damo_001 (3)

From L to R -Some of the London boys Dave, Sparda and Damo (our newest builder)


I also have these  exclusive pics from inside this months London Team meeting. Of course there are a lot of things I have to keep a secret, but I can reveal that there are big plans for the spring and summers months here, involving London builders from the past returning to our sims.
debs sun lyrical jules_001 (2)
Some London Team girls Sim Owners Debs and Sun, Lyrical and Sim owner Jules.

You can create your own reality in the London Sims, as spring returns.

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