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January 10, 2016 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People

The past week in Sexy Brits in the London Sims has been full of fun, but I have been reminded that there are some of our sexy staff who I either omitted to put in my previous blog, or who are new. So,this blog is to introduce you to some more folk who work in our friendly sim- and, also, to show you some more of the wacky snaps I take of our sometimes frankly weird guests!

The picture above doesn`t really mean you can “use” our guest pictured by “enabling media”. Maybe you can, but I couldn`t comment on that as I don`t know him personally!

“Enabling” Second  Life, however, certainly means you can “use” your imagination, and maybe thats what the pic meant!

Snapshot_010 (2)dj Matthew_002 (2)

So, here`s DJ Dreamer (above, left) and our new DJ Matthew (above, right).

Both their sets this week were filled with the best club tunes and plenty of chat- provided

by both the DJs and their lovely host Rachel (below left and right), who hosted both events.

Snapshot_003 (7)Sexy brits_004 (2)

Suits seem to be the new thing- and some of the London guys are killing the look! 

Sexy brits_011 (3)

New Owner and Entertainments Manager Jules (below, left) kept a close eye on us all !

jules_001 (2)Sexy brits_005 (3)

There was more big news as DJ Tanya announced her engagement to Adam ( DJ Rockit).

Congrats you two!

adam and tanya_003 (2)

It seemsdj dixon_001 (2) that now even your avatar can get a “vapouriser” – in case they are suffering from nicotine withdrawals, and you can get one in real-life, too, to satisfy any smoking needs, so there`s no excuses for leaving your keyboard for a cigarette anymore. You are still allowed to go and replenish yourself with food and drink occasionally. But why not do what the truly addicted Second Lifer would do and keep stocks close to hand!  

Really, though, it`s sort of a good idea to catch a break from SL sometimes- especially when you need to go to work, to the toilet or if you ever want to see any real- life family or friends !

That said, when you are on, come to the London Sims and please do interact with people here. Even if you are reluctant to talk in voice, typing in local chat is always a great way to get to know people.We are all happy to meet new people from all over the world, and to make them feel welcome.



Snapshot_003 (3)

Look out for my avatar Jas (above), though. Even when she`s sleeping she still has her camera close to hand, and she has a way of snapping you just when you least expect it!

Like, for instance, when you forget to get changed after work, and come straight to a club (below,right), or when you have a senior moment and come dressed somewhat strangely for the clubbing scene.

I think this avatar (below, left) thought she was heading to her local bingo hall!

So, basically, I only have three final  words for you – London  Visit and Fun!
sexy brits_002 (3)Sexy brits_008 (2)

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