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March 30th 2014 is a BIG day…

Mothering Sunday Tradition

Mothers all over the UK are being taken to dinner by their offspring. Cards, flowers and chocolates are flowing from children to their mothers everywhere. This British tradition originally came out of church traditions in the 16th Century, where people traditionally returned to their ‘mother church’ on the 3rd Sunday in Lent and the day was called ‘Mothering Sunday’. Servants were given the day off to return to their ‘mother’ church, and usually picked spring flowers on the way. When they arrived at their home, they would give these to their mothers. This started off a long tradition of giving flowers and gifts to mothers over the years, but was all but gone by the 1920’s.

On the journey home

At 'Mother' Church with family

At ‘Mother’ Church with family


Mother’s Day in the US

However, around this time Anna Jarvis held a memorial service to honour her mother in the USA. Her mother was Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis, who was responsible for improved health and sanitation in US cities due to her ‘Mothers’ Day Work Clubs’ program. Anna Jarvis campaigned for her mother’s Birthday (May 9th) to become a recognised holiday throughout the US to honour her mother’s good work. This wish was granted by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914 who officially declared that the second Sunday in May should be named “Mother’s Day”.

A very stern looking Anna Jarvis  unhappy about commericalisation

Woodrow Wilson started       ‘Mother’s Day’ in the USA


Mothering Sunday Today in the UK

Constance Smith

This brings us back to the UK (a ‘motherland’ for US citizens), where Mothering Sunday had fallen into disuse in the 1920’s. The activities in America inspired the daughter of a vicar in Nottinghamshire to revive Mothering Sunday. Her name was Constance Smith and she started the Mothering Sunday Movement. Although never a mother in her own right, Constance became the surrogate mother of the revival of Mothering Sunday among . So we have her to thank for the Christian associated ‘Mothering Sunday’ rather than Mother’s Day in early May.

Although most people confuse the two nowadays, they have very different roots.

Mothering Sunday in Second Life London

We have lots of mothers in London all of whom have a special part in the extended Second Life ‘London family’. Today Destiny Keegan gave Debs Regent a fabulous bunch of specially sparkly flowers to say ‘thank you’ for being London’s surrogate mum since 2006.

Debs hugging Destiny

Mother’s Day Flowers from Destiny to Debs


Destiny is also one of London’s ‘mum’s – along with Jasmine, Keira, Wendy, Dua and others here in London that make you feel like you belong with us – because you do!

Destiny - London's 'mum

Destiny – London’s ‘mum

 London’s Mum’s –

Those who take care of you and smack naughty bottoms when needed …

Debs_Butler's London inSL Mums album on Photobucket

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