Move! on over to the Sexy Brit!!

August 4, 2016 • News

DJ RSD Darkfold and Host JAS

Wednesday afternoon I found myself walking past the Sexy Brit and decided to stop in and enjoy some of DJ RSD Darkfold’s wicked sounds and try out some of my new dance animations from MOVE! DJ RSD Darkfold and his Hostess JAS did not disappoint. The music was HOT HOT HOT and there was some very interesting conversation going on in local involving playboy knickers. I would share the conversation but I fear it would lose something in translation. I have to say that my new Leni dances are smooth and natural, I absolutely love them!!! I purchased some at different speeds and added them to my Firestorm AO and I can easily switch them based on the tempo of the tunes.

How does Move! make their dances look so realistic? Move! uses motion capture technology (MOCAP) so your dance moves are actually movements from real life professional dancers. They have different styles including RnB, funky, groove, girly, sexy, self confident, techno, freestyle, slow, cool, and so much more. I can honestly say, once you go MOCAP you won’t go back to standard animations. The difference is quite incredible.



Move! also has some table animations that are very realistic if you have a club or venue and you want the best stand animations for your patrons, I recommend these amazing stands.  You could also use this table on your back patio at home. And lastly, Move! also graciously gives out some free dance animations, so make sure you stop by and pick those up, there is something for everyone at the Move! store in London!

I hope to see you MOVE! at the Sexy Brit, real soon!


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