Music Festival – London’s 10th Birthday

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Music Festival – Thanks to all who took part and contributed

The Music Festival was a big hit. A big thank you to everyone who took part in events in London this weekend. DJs and Hosts were amazing entertainers, singer ML was incredible with his vocal range and covered many top sounds in his own personal style.

As always. great to see so much support for London from everyone. Thank you.

It was good to see London come together in one big rush to show it’s support for the sims. Thankfully, the heat didn’t prevent people from attending. Some people even came in their own cool paddling pool to listen to the music!

Music Festival

Dundrix in his pool

London continues this week with a Birthday Cake Hunt. Find the cakes and squish them by clicking on them for a point. Every day there’s a winner of $100 Lindens – so get yourself on the board and play today to win a cash prize.

While here remember to check out the awesome regular schedule for London featuring these top DJs you saw in the Park this weekend. Each one has their own unique style and range of sounds.

Pictures of the event and DJs

London had a special Schedule last Weekend. Everyone celebrated London’s 10th Birthday with a full weekend-long Music festival. 10 years old for anyone is a long life in Second Life. Happily London has also been going that long. Knightsbridge is the oldest remaining original sim. Long gone are St Tropez, Chelsea, Kensington, Soho, Westminster, London Nights and London Community. In all London has had 10 sims and 3 affiliate sims (including the London Met partnership). London has a long and successful history so this weekend is the result of all that work put in by people over the many years of London’s existence.

Music Festival

People enjoying the music festival

Many thanks to all who got involved and contributed to this event. London brought out the best in DJs, Hosts, entertainers and crowds. Great to see so many familiar faces, old faces, and even brand new faces at this spectacular event.

Here’s the final line up of DJs and singers for you to browse through.

Times SLTDJ's / SingersStage
Friday July 15th
10AMDJ BeefyStage 1
11AM DJ SuperStage 2
2PMDJ EasyStage 2
3PMDJ DreamerStage 1
4PMDJ HeartbreakerStage 1
5PMDJ CielStage 2
7PMDJ SatoriStage 1
9PMDJ KrashStage 2
Saturday July 16th
11-12AMML - Singer and Act - Live Rock Stage 2
12PMDJ DaneStage 1
2PMDJ HeartbreakerStage 2
3PMDJ HeartbreakerStage 1
4PMDJ KevinStage 1
8PMDJ CielStage 2
Sunday July 17
8AMDJ BanderasStage 1
10AMDJ RSDStage 2
1PMDJ SpardaStage 1
2PMDJ EasyStage 2
7PM DJ CielStage 1

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