Mythology Trivia at Coach and Horses Pub

October 19, 2011 • Entertainment

Today, Manager/DJ Mia did mythology/myth trivia. Every Tuesday is Trivia Night at Coach and Horses Pub and while usually more of a mixed bag of trivia, Mia decided to do a themed one today. Mia was a tad late arriving as she had internet issues just as she was TPing to arrive, modem crashed. So she was about 15 mins late but loved arriving to a nice group of pub trivia regulars awaiting her arrival.

There was one guest who really knew their mythology and was also quick to answer though some questions did stump them for a bit longer and others did win as well. We had a blast. Conversations spun off of some of the trivia. And due to other PC issues that Mia had start earlier in the day, she was limited to what music she had on her laptop but was still able to keep the group happy with her 80s and 90s tunes (what she spins every Tuesday at the Pub)

Next Tuesday (Oct 25th), Mia will be doing Halloween themed trivia. So be sure to join us 1:30-3:30p slt.

Here are some pics from trivia night this week:

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