A New DJ, A New Blogger and a New Branding Manager in the London Sims by Jas (Blog 216)

January 10, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

At Chubby Checkers, in Knightsbridge, on Wednesday night there was an unexpected treat. New London Team member Freya, who has been designing and building lots of our new features around the sims, decided she`d like to try to try her hand at DJing. It turns out she has a natural flair for it.

Snapshot_103 (2)

She was trying to decide on a DJ name, and I think she decided on DJ Feisty, but don`t quote me on that!


She played a twenties style set (an era I`ve suddenly got into in Second Life), with lots of lively flapper music with a modern twist.

Snapshot_106 (4)

Everyone was up on their feet and dancing!

Snapshot_111 (2)

Snapshot_109 (2)


Snapshot_113 (2)


New Branding Manager Pilgrim (congrats on the promotion-Pil) showed off an early piece from his new Mayfair Designs clothing line – for more details and pictures see my weekend blogs.

I`d also like to welcome Halfie (Half Pint) (below) to the London Blogging Team.

Snapshot_054 (11)

Her atmospheric photography and great writing style will make her an invaluable asset to us.

I didn`t go to any events last night, but that was because I attended a London Team meeting, which was full of people buzzing with new ideas. We have a great spring and Valentines day theme lined up for you, however it`s all Top Secret at the moment. And my drama group and book group  will be going ahead, too- YAY! So keep an an eye on mine and Halfie`s blogs for details of all the amazing things to do in  our Virtual London.

PS: I`m hosting in Chubby Checkers today at Midday (Second Life Time) so make sure you are all there. Oh and, by the way, I bought my new couch with all your lovely tips. Here`s a pic of me relaxing on it after a  long hard shift!


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