New Energy Technologies and Alternative Energy Discussion

February 25, 2017 • Business, Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

New Energy Technologies and Alternative Energy Discussion

New Energy Technologies are big news so find out how to benefit from the coming changes. Be at the event on 2nd March at 11am PST (SLT) in London’s Knightsbridge sim.

Hosted by

Alexander V. Frolov from Russia.

New Energy Technologies

Alexander V. Frolov

Author of “New Energy Sources” 2011 and “New AeroSpace Technologies” 2012.

We invite people who are interested in alternative energy, clean energy, free energy and other new technologies to come to a discussion session with Alexander V. Frolov. See his demonstration video about real devices and sensational experiments.

Come along to the New energy technologies and alternative energy discussion session at Knightsbridge (80,161,21) in Second Life on 2nd March 11.00 AM – 12.00 AM PST

Alternative Energy

by Alexander V. Frolov

New Energy Technologies

Free Energy Technologies

Our World is ready to change because the Internet made it so. Secret technologies were hidden from people many years, but now we can see the truth in videos showing many fantastic devices. All of these videos are available on the Internet with more yet to come soon. The open Internet community provides quick exchange of news and knowledge and recognizes it’s important for humanity to progress. Free energy is one way to make progress and better lifestyles for all humanity possible.

New Energy Technologies

Alexander’s Knightsbridge Centre

Future Meetings

The topic of future meetings will be free energy technologies. What do you know about alternative energy? Free energy not only comes from Sun and wind power but from many other alternatives. Today we can provide any amount of electric power or heat without fuel, Sun or wind power… It is totally free energy. Fuel is not necessary because this energy does not require it. This idea has come to the general public at last!

New Energy Technologies


This area of science is very wide. We know Tesla’s great results in this field of research. His technologies today are reproduced with modern electronics by many authors and we can see many videos about them. There are other methods, for example, special nanorelief of surface can provide direct energy conversion of environmental heat into useful work. Hydrogen molecules can dissociate and recombine with greater heat output.

New Energy Technologies

New Technologies

The clean energy generator by Victor Schauberger was a real technology in 1940 and today we can reproduce it. There are many examples of magnet motors powered by permanent magnets only.



So, we have many interesting topics to discuss with Alexander SL,  who published New Energy Technology Russian-English magazine in 2001-2005. In 2011 Alexander wrote two books about new energy technologies and new aerospace technologies. This promises to be a very interesting discussion!

So put the date and time into your diary today.

NOTE: Please check these facts out for yourself. We in London have not tested them and do not know if they work.


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