New Management at The Coach and Horses in Mayfair, and Some Real-Life History by Jas (Blog 225)

January 29, 2014 • Entertainment, Music, News

Ok blog readers, Ive kept you in suspense for long enough. The BIG news I referred to a few weeks back is the new  Manager at the Coach and Horses in Mayfair. Guess who it is? Yes its meeee (aka Jas, Just Jas or jasminerach)!!

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I previously managed the place in 2012, so when Ravesoul  decided that he needed to prioritise real-life for  a while, I was the obvious choice to take back over.

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The Coach and Horses in Bruton Stret in real-life is one of the oldest pubs in Mayfair. It was built in the 1770s and was once connected by the first floor to another building. After serious damage last century  to its conjoined twin, however, the original Coach had to be pulled down. Luckily for us, though, William and Younger and Co paid to re-build the historic building in 1933.

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Mayfair itself  was named after a may fair (no surprises there then!) held in this part of London from 1686 to 1764. In those days the area was mostly farmland, and the Tyburn river ran through it. The fair was originally for animal sales, but increased rapidly to include theatres, boxing, gambling tables and juggling, along with many food stalls. However by the beginning of the 18th century it had fast decended into a place of ill repute. Writer Ned Ward wrote, in  about 1700,  after a visit to the fair, that he ” never in my life saw such a number of lazy-look’d rascals, and so hateful a throng of beggarly, sluttish strumpets, who were a scandal to the Creation, mere antidotes against lechery, and enemies to cleanliness.’ And in 1709 a document was written (a copy of which is now held in the British Museum) stating that “[The May Fair] had been of ill consequence, tending to corrupt the minds and manners of many people inasmuch that it is now one of the most pestilent nurseries of impurity and vice… [there] are constant and open scenes of impiety and profaneness and very frequently the stalls of vice and impurities not to be mentioned”. So, in 1764,just before the Coach was built, the fashionable people, who were just starting to move into the area, had the fair closed down.

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We, in Second Life have no such scruples,though, and “lazy look`d rascals” and “sluttish strumpets” are welcomed here -along with a large dollop of impurity and vice!


Marble Arch, which you pass through our version of  to get to the Coach from Hyde Park , was originally designed, in real-life, in white Carrara marble  by John Nash in 1828 . It was placed in the entrance to Buckingham Palace until 1847, when Queen Victoria decided to enlarge the palace. The arch was dismantled and relocated to serve as the entrance to Hyde Park , where it has stood since 1851. The hollow arch has been used throughout the centuries as a police post. In 1855 a “Sunday Trading Law ” brought about riots in Hyde Park, and it was said that the police jumped out of Marble Arch to arrest the surprised crowd!

(Note: Violence continued for a few days until the law was revoked, and the people settled down.)

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We won`t be having any riots around here,though, with me in charge. I am going to run the pub as a general meeting place and have lots of groups planned to take place here. We will have music events , too, but there will be weekly Drama Group, Book Group , Games and Trivia nights.

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If you had gazed into the windows of the upstairs of the Coach last week you would have seen me setting up my drama studio upstairs. Its not all going to be Shakespeare, though. Firstly, Im planning an improvisation night, which should be a great laugh. By the way, I dont advise you all to go flying around the London Sims looking in peoples upstairs windows- you never know what you might see!


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If you are interested in joining either my Book or Drama group or both please IM me in-world

  • thats`s jasminerach resident.



Feel free to pop into the Coach and Horses anytime, where you`ll  receive a warm welcome.

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Opening Night is this Saturday (1st February) with the amazing DJ Pyp. Come and check us out.

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