Welcome London Merchant

[plain]BUSINESS TENANTS:  – Please Complete This Form To Have Your Shop Promoted In Second Life –

Thank you for renting in the London SIMs. Please wear your tag to Rezz objects.[/plain]

To Rezz, right-click the ground and choose ‘create object’. (note for anti-griefing the Build button does not light up).

Please Complete This Form

For Merchant Parcel Setup and Promotions within London



A Reminder
Strange as it may seem, not everyone fills in this form. It really is in your store’s best interest to have the parcel set correctly, so we urge you to fill in this form as soon as you possibly can so it doesn’t get forgotten. Also, please put a sign outside your shop with your shops name. Many forget to do this!



Brand Promotion

In addition to setting up your parcel and entering it in SL Search listings, we also offer a free merchandising service for new businesses coming to LONDON. This can help to raise your profile and get your store noticed.


Do’s and Dont’s

a) Rent must be paid on time. Demand for shops is high in this region and buildings can be rented by others as soon as they go into arrears. We will warn you as your rent runs low, but if you go into arrears you do so at your own risk. The rental system will evict after 24 hours in arrears.

b) Please rez in your parcel only. Please do not rez in the street or in venues. If you do without prior agreement, your prims will be returned to you.

c) Please stay within your prim count and please avoid excessive scripts. If you exceed your prim count, you will be notified and asked to pay the additional cost of the extra prims.

d) LONDON is a successful sim group. Because the sims are always full we need to keep an eye on resources as they often run low. Please do your bit and be “green” and please do not run needless scripted objects.

e) Please do not use temp rezzers or zero prim rezzers of any description. Try to keep texture resolution to 256×256. 512’s need 1mb of graphics memory to process and will cause lag.

Please do not use 1024’s, they need an astonishing 4mb of memory to render a graphic and will cause real problems and lag your shop and the sim. Use signs that are within keeping with other stores around you and do not use proximity scanners or collision panel greeters as they cause lag issues for the sim.

f) Hover text can be unsightly and must be contained well inside your store. It must not bleed out into the street or into neighbouring stores. If you must use hover-text, please make sure it is well inside your parcel. g) Please do not post links for your store in the London group. If you need advertising in the group for your store, contact the sim manager.

Please note that it is possible to advertise your store in the London groups (of over 50,000 avatars) once a month. These adverts will only be carried out at your request and you will need to offer full content for them.

h) For the full Covenant, please see: World > About Land > Covenant


The Community

London is a community of shops, residential houses, community venues and a main park and hub area. People live, work and play in these sims. One of the very best ways to get interest in your business within LONDON is to raise your profile within our community. Please visit the local venues, or contact Jason Keegan to find out how you can get involved and promote your brand. The locals will be genuinely interested in your London shop.



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