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November 5, 2011 • Uncategorised

Jaqueline – New Releases – JIL BOOTS with new MENU…  !

Dear Friends,

this week we have new Boots for you – high detailed, realistic and – with only 1 Script inside!
Yes – you read it right – we have many more functions, but only one Script and all that for a
very special price – single colours only 119L$ and the multicolour version only 599L$!!!

Please read below for more information and pictures

Wishing you all a wonderful week

Jaqueline <3 JIL BOOTS:

Only 1 Script control all functions!
Resize, change Colours of all Shoe Parts (predefined and RGB), change Textures with RGB and 4 Save Slots, change Jewellry, Footstep Sound on/ off, Shiny on/off, Cuffsa on/off, Darker on/off and much more..
2. Control all Parts – Millions of Combinations!
Change Colours of every part of the Shoes. The Multicolour Version includes 10 Leather Texture Colours and a RGB Colour Changer for 4 base Textures. You have 4 Save Slots to save your favorite colours!
3. A lot of Functions!
You can control by on / off the Cuffs, Gloss, Sound, Darker
4. Jewellry with Bling!
Chains on/off, Jewellry on/off, all Shiny Levels, 3 different Blings with off, 4 different Metalls, 16 diamond colours
5. HUD in 3 Languages 
german, portugese and english
Located in Mayfair:

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