New User Zone and New HUB Area

January 26, 2015 • Advice, Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

New User Zone

New User Zone

New User Zone

Because London is constantly evolving, it now has an exclusive new user area. This is basically a landing area for all users to enter into the park and into London. It’s manned by greeters who are there to help new users get use to their new environment of Secondlife.

Friendly Greeters

New User Zone

The New User Zone has friendly greeters to help you.

It’s a place where you arrive in London and are able to look around and get your bearings. You can take things in slowly here while you learn how to use Secondlife. If you need help, greeters are often on hand in the New User Zone to assist you. These are friendly people who want to make your Secondlife experience as happy as possible. They want your time there to be happy because they’re happy being there too.

New User Experience

Leading off from the new user zone is a new user experience. This experience consists of several stage posts where a new user can learn about different aspects of second life essential to existing in this world. At the end of this experience there’s a brand spanking new avatar waiting for you. These avatars are exclusive London designs which you can only get there. The new avatar makes it easier for you to personalise your look as you can wear it straight from the new user zone and make the changes you want as you go along.

After the New User experience, you can either go into the shopping district in London Mayfair or the fabulous new hub zone where everybody is hanging out and waiting to meet you.

New HUB Hangout Zone

HUB Hangout Zone

The HUB is where everyone hangs out in Hyde Park.

After you’ve got a bit of confidence from the New User Zone, you can head down to the hub to join in the banter there.  You’ll quickly see all the people waiting to welcome you there. They’re really a friendly bunch who like nothing better than to have a laugh and want to get to know you.

You’re bound to feel a bit shy at first, so listen to what they’re talking about first and get familiar with how the people in the hub behave. When you feel comfortable, switch your voice on and join in and become part of the fun in the hub. You can always use ‘chat’ – by typing in local messaging. That way you can start joining in very quickly without having the intimacy of turning on voice. If you have hearing difficulties or background noise, it’s a good way to get used to everyone and put your own contribution into the conversation.



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