New Year Caption Contest To Win $500 Lindens

January 6, 2015 • Caption Contest, News

New Year Caption Time

Once again, its caption time and for the New Year Caption we have a treat for you.

Today’s picture was taken by Jason Keegan in the new ‘Hub’ in London’s Hyde Park. Jason generously donated the picture to the blog for you to caption it.

Jason’s been working on this new hub for some time now and finally it’s here! It looks like the gang are enjoying themselves in the hub already, even though the changes to the park are incomplete.

New Year Caption

Caption this picture of Hyde Park New Hub to win $500 Lindens!


You may have noticed that the park is undergoing changes. Once again it’s time for a new look. With spring fast approaching Bigga’s been hard at work creating a new look for the park. All the main features you love in Hyde Park will remain. Of course the Serpentine Lake will be staying, as will the ever popular roller coaster and other fun things to do around the park! It’s always been a place to meet friends and make friends, and this won’t be changing either.

The location of the New Hub is more open and better placed for you to see what’s on offer all around you. Even Colin’s glad to be back in his old home you can see him in the background here if you want your New Year Caption to be about him.

The London crowd have already made it their own. They’re already hanging out in the Hub and enjoying playing the games there. One thing they love about the hub is being able to talk to each other on voice. Voice is optional in Second Life but people really want to be heard and to listen to what others have to say. Often they come to London just to seek other people to talk with. The hub is the perfect place for that. In its new location it’s pretty central to all that’s on offer in London. The new open look also allows people to see more of what’s around them as well.





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2 Responses to New Year Caption Contest To Win $500 Lindens

  1. Gabriel says:

    Getting randy in Hyde Park

  2. Jennifer Davis says:

    Finally, we all get a hot girl Gumby doll to play with!

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