New Years Eve – The Last to Leave 2014 and Enter 2015 – Part 3

December 31, 2014 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Second Life

New Years Eve SLT to the last 2015 Outposts

While we party on well into the morning in Second Life London, others will still just be joining us in their own New Years Eve party welcoming in 2015.

Once the midnight hour heads out across the Pacific there are only a few places that are still left in 2014.

New Year SLT + 1

New Years Eve

Anchorage welcomes the 2015 New Year In

(UK 9am / SLT 1am) sees Alaska catch up with the rest of America. With Anchorage finally being added to the New Years’ honours roll.

New Years Eve

Classic Isolated ‘Getaway’ in Gambier Island

Joining Alaska are the French Polynesian Gambier Islands which are almost located right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In another 30 minutes the Marquesas Islands’ mere 10,000 people also find themselves in 2015.

New Year SLT + 2

New Years Eve

Honolulu is the ultimately the last place in America  to welcome the new year in the world. Photo: Roughguides

(UK 10am / SLT 2am) and the earth is still turning and sweeping nations into the year 2015 as it turns. Another US state is absorbed into the New Year when Midnight reaches Hawaii (As far west as Necker Island). Honolulu celebrates New Years Eve in traditional US celebration style, with its own unique Hawaiian twist as the locals wish you ‘Hau’oli Makahiki Hou’ which of course means Happy New Year in Hawaiian.

In the same Time Zone as Hawaii are French Polynesia (except Marquesas Islands and Gambier Islands), Cook Islands, the United States Aleutian Islands and Johnston Atoll.

New Year SLT + 3

New Years Eve

American Samoa’s stunning beaches

(UK 11am / SLT 3am) American Samoa and the western islands of Hawaii will become one year older at this hour approaches, as will Jarvis Island, Kingman Reef, Midway Atoll, and Palmyra Atoll. The final 1,400 New Zealanders who live on Niue will also join their mainland, which entered 2015 a whole day ago! Another odd fact is that Samoa and American Samoa are only 100 miles apart, but in time they are a full day away from each other. As it draws New Years Eve midnight in American Samoa, in Samoa itself it’s just turning to the 2nd of January.

New Year SLT + 4

New Years Eve

Baker Island

(UK 12noon / SLT 4am) As New Years Eve slips over the entire world, the past few remaining outposts catch up with their neighbours that now celebrated 2015 over a day ago. These final outposts of the world are the US Outlying Islands of Baker Island and Howland Island. Finally all of the world is united and in the year 2015.


Happy New Year everyone from all in Second Life London.





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