New Years Party 2015 Style in Second Life London

January 1, 2015 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, Music, News, People, Romantic, Second Life

New Years Party in Second Life London’s Hyde Park

New Years Party

Revellers enjoying New Year

Last night was the start of a brand new year. We partied up to and past the hour with DJ’s Roach and Ali. The hosts were wonderful with Labrat doing a great supporting job for Ali as usual.

New Years Party

New Years Party Entrance

The music wasn’t all Hogmanay and New Year songs, there were some true classics mixed in there, like In the Air Tonight, but covered by a rock band instead. No chance of the usual boring New Year records you hear over and over again with Ali. She chose a brilliantly classic, yet spicy set to take us into 2015 with. I know this is an indication of the year to come for us all, classic and spicy too.

New Years Party

DJ Ali with Host Labrat showing everyone how to have a good time.

This mirrored the music being played. The music played said “Don’t get too comfortable because, yes it’s your favourite classic – but covered by someone who adds a twist”. This updates the song so it’s all brand new for you again, just as it was the first day you heard it.

Couple Romance

New Years Party

Roach and Puddin having a romantic moment together.

It was nice to see so many couples enjoying each other’s company and dancing the New Year in romantically.

New Years Party


Great lighting and fireworks helped with the atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Shades of colour lit up the sky with an ever changing scene to watch in the sky.

Midnight Hour

When the Big Bell chimed midnight everyone went crazy. So much excitement there meant it was infectious. If you didn’t get carried away with it all, then your heart is made of stone. Here are some shots taken of the event for you.

Great Location

New Years Party

Great Venue with a classic view of the Big Ben tower

Ali did a great job setting this up with Roach’s help. Roach has a lot more planned for 2015 from where this one came from. So make sure to keep your eyes on the Entertainment Schedule, because Roach has a plan to keep you busy all year long throughout 2015.

New Years Party

Lots of Party Outfits

That means lots of party outfits to buy and great sounds to listen to, not to mention the other entertainment you’ve enjoyed like Tribute Bands, wrestling, hunts, crazy capers and themes.




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