NLS Our Spotlight Store Of The Week!!

July 27, 2017 • Merchant Spotlight, News, Shopping

NLS offers the SL community different ways to move, view and enjoy SL. One of their biggest features is the Tardis Teleporter, from the Dr. Who Show.


Secondlifes number one tardis simulator

Although NLS has many more things to offer including pyrimids of mars console, flip over your head glasses, tardis exteriors, and much much more. In the picture above you can see a display of the Tardis( Time And Relative Dimension In Space). NLS makes a awesome simulated version of how the doctor would have used it. Many items are not over priced and are all of good quality.

NLS Offers A Free Pack!

With this free pack to help get you started, youll be flying like Dr. Who in no time. You can find NLS on the main drag beside hyde park on Park Lane.

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