Nostalgia in the London Sims by Jas (Blog 276)

November 8, 2015 • News

As part of our Remembrance Day events in the London Sims we had a forties event.

And in dubious forties fashions we partied at Sexy Brits last night.

Well- at the very least we had a red theme going, and the music was pure forties class!

nov 7th_002 (3)

The main thing I was remembering, to be honest, was my lovely friend Pyp Mifflin.

Snapshot_008 (3)

Pyp (above), who had come to visit, was once a prominent DJ and manager in our sims.

She was dressed up for the occasion – well it`s probably the way elves dressed in the forties!

  Another old face was a favourite regular from the past,Wolfe, who joined us for the event.

I did get a particularly HOT picture of him(as usual), but my stupid computer deleted it!

So, here`s a few more pics of HOT LONDON STAFF at the event. (Incl my avie of course!)

nov 7th_001 (3)Snapshot_006 (5)nov 7th cont_001 (2)    

So, in conclusion, I think we should remember all the people who`ve worked hard here.

And, all those who continue to make the London Sims a RED HOT venue.

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