Notting Hill Carnival in London inSL

August 25, 2012 • Uncategorised

London Notting Hill Carnival inSL

Floats and fun for carnival weekend. Party party party all night long, this is how it is  in London most nights, but so much more on Carnival night.

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20120825 notting hilll_02220120825 notting hilll_02020120825 notting hilll_01920120825 notting hilll_01820120825 notting hilll_01720120825 notting hilll_016
20120825 notting hilll_01520120825 notting hilll_01420120825 notting hilll_01320120825 notting hilll_01220120825 notting hilll_01120120825 notting hilll_010

Notting Hill Carnival was such a delight. Floats went through the park and the streets, just like in Real Life.

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