October Caption Contest Week 2

October 14, 2014 • Caption Contest, Culture & Community, News, People, Second Life

Last Week’s contest was won by CokaHontas with the caption: “I didn’t mean to destroy the city, I got excited thinking Austin Powers just pulled up.

Congratulations on this great entry CokaHontas.

October Caption Contest for This Week

Great news for this week we have another great new contest.  This time it’s taken in a public area, the Mayfair Hub. What’s going on here? Can you tell us?

Check out this October caption contest picture:

October Caption

Here’s the picture to caption this week

Public Spaces

Places like the Mayfair Hub are great places to meet people and good public spaces are important for the community. Places that do not have attractive communal spaces with useful and attractive street furniture can miss out on some of the important benefits for them. Here are some of the main advantages that the public can enjoy in these public areas.

October Caption

London Knightsbridge Park

1. Attract More People

People are naturally attracted to communal outdoor spaces. Sometimes local residents do not make the effort to visit the local park because it looks rundown and there’s nothing to see or do there. By well-kept public spaces, such as those in London attract visitor, which could end up with them becoming residents and may mean there will be more local visitors as well as more tourists there.

People attracted to London, as can be seen in the October Caption Contest

2. Improve Cultural & Learning Experiences

By investing in public spaces and improving them, London has tried to improve the types of cultural experiences available. If a public park attracts lots of visitors, it’s also a good place to hold fairs and cultural events like festivals for music, sport and arts.

October Contest

Culture Vultures Descend On London

3. Rejuvenate Rundown Areas

Sometimes public areas can become rundown, and this can affect the whole community. By investing in attractive street furniture and other features in public spaces, London continually injects new life into well used and known areas so that the community can see a fresh face on the area and enjoy using them afresh again.

October Caption Contest

London Fountain

4. Tackle Crime

Some public areas can become crime and griefing hotspots if they’re not looked after properly. By investing in public spaces and encouraging more people to use them, they become less attractive for griefers and criminals. When more people enjoy the areas, they are less likely to tolerate the trouble makers. If you have a community, follow how Jason & Sun behave. Lead by example in your community by encouraging good behaviour and refusing to accept the badly behaved.

October Caption Picture Of The Team

Your London Team Are Here To Help You

5. Increase the Sense of Local Pride

An attractive public square or park can really help to improve the sense of pride that locals have in their home areas. Even something as simple as high-quality benches, games, signs and other items of street furniture inject a new lease of life into an area and make local people more likely to want to look after their area.

October Caption in the Park

A Beautiful Park Increases Local Pride Too

A clean attractive area encourages people to enjoy themselves and visit again.




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