• Regent Street London Mayfair

    Regent Street, London Mayfair

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    Regent Street, London Mayfair

    On a quaint street just a few minutes from London’s social hub is Regent Street. Many roads tie into Regent Street, including Piccadilly, Burlington Gardens and Oxford Street. Pass by all the hustle and bustle and you will find a quiet residential district.

    Londons Mansions

    Regent Street In London

    Regent Street holds only Mansions as it is a prestigious place to call home. With mature trees, driveways and private yards, Regent Street is a place worth checking out, and possible Renting. Renting these gorgeous Mansions is not cheap but at the same time not out of this world expensive. For 999L a week, you will receive 600 prims, About Land Rights, added to our Exclusive Residents Role and Be given Weekly Gifts as gratitude for calling London your home. Furnished or not the price remains the same. Purchase 4 weeks from us and you will receive your 5th week free. Talk about a deal!

    But it’s not about the money spent, its about the feeling, when you stand at the end of the road and you look down the street, the dim lights, the evening fog approaching. Walking through your home and sighing as if you’ve just spent a long day out on the town with your SL friends. It’s the getting up in the morning feeling like you couldn’t imagine being any where else. Because why would you want to rent anywhere else but London.

    So venture beyond that social hub, take a stroll past busy Bond Street, and when you get to Regent Street, do me a favor and stop, cam around and feel the atmosphere. There’s no place like home…There’s no place quite like London.

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  • Linkin Park Acoustic Tour Continues In London!!

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    Linkin Park Acoustic Tour In London’s Green Park!

    LP Acoustic Tour Continues

    LinkinPark Acoustic Tour

    The Acoustic Tour Of Linkin Park continues as they perform in London’s Majestic Green Park In Mayfair. Starting At 4pm slt, you can make your way over and take a seat as they perform some of Linkin Parks greatest hits and covers. Hope to see you there!

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  • Spot Open On Park Lane!!!

    September 2, 2017 • News, Rentals, Shop RentalsComments Off on Spot Open On Park Lane!!!

    Park Lane In Mayfair Has A Store To Rent!

    Park Lane Plaza

    This spot on Park Lane is absolutely fabulous!! As a designer there really is no better location to put your vendors…And I’ll tell you why. Well First and foremost it’s right beside Londons Social Hub. One of the busiest spots in London. It’s also beside London’s Freebie Shop. Many newcomers come by to pick up a few outfits before they head off into the big SL world. It’s a prime location in many ways. Come Check it out, it might just be the store your looking for.

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