• How did London get Named?

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    We ask how did London get named?

    How did London get named? London has a rich history and the SL version of the original, which began way back in prehistory, continues this long tradition. This time we delve deep back into history to see where the name London came from.

    Prehistoric London

    A well-located position like London was occupied well before the Romans arrived. Evidence of human habitation goes back to as far as 450,000 BC. Easy access to the sea and a central location in the south make it an ideal position for any community. With the Thames running all the way into Oxford and out to the North Sea, it’s reach for trade and conquest runs even deeper into the Kingdom of Britain. There is evidence of human occupation around what is now known as London as far back at least half a million years ago. That means thousands of generations of people have lived in the region before us.

    More recent evidence of early London occupation comes from a large structure built 6,000 years ago, when London was occupied by Mesolithic people.

    London get Named

    Bronze Age London

    In the Bronze age London was already a famous important trading city. Celtic tribes there spoke a language like those spoken in Wales, Scotland and Ireland today. The settlement in London 6,000 years ago wasn’t called London, it was probably called Plowonida, which comes from the Celtic words ‘plew’ and ‘nejd’, meaning wide flowing river. It could also have been named Londinion, from the name of a chief in that area and the fact that ‘lond’ in Celtic means wild – but that’s just guessing. The original name could have also been ‘Llyn Dain’, Welsh for ‘pool of the Thames’, or ‘Llan Dian’, referring to the Temple of Diana which was supposed to have stood where St Paul’s Cathedral is now. There are at least four possible roots for the name London. However, later in Celtic times, this community became known as Lowonidonjon, so the name really started developing into the one we know now then.

    London get named

    Roman London

    Romans came to live in Britain at around 50AD and occupied it right up until the 5th Century. The Roman invasion is most famous for the battle with Queen Boudicca, but they also formed many important cities at that time, mostly on original Celtic settlements. The first recorded mention of London was by the Romans, when Tacitus speaks of London as “Londinium…though undistinguished by the name of a colonia, was much frequented by a number of merchants and trading vessels.”. In various mentions, it’s also called Londinio, Londiniensi and Londiniensium.

    London get named

    Anglo Saxon London

    When the Romans left, London withered and barely survived, but was taken up by the Anglo Saxons during the 7th and 8th century. They formed a port colony they called Lundenwic, in Anglo Saxon this means ‘London settlement or trading town’. I would like to think this was also taken from the old name that was still in use for the area.

    London get named

    Norman London

    The next conquerors gave London it’s final name, the name we know and love today. When William the Conqueror came to Britain, London’s location was the best place for trade, with its sea route and access to the interior by way of the Thames river.

    Following the Norman conquest, records begin to show the area referred to by its modern name, or similar versions such as Lundin, Londoun, Lunden and Londen. Over the centuries since then, the spelling settled down on London and remains there to this day.

    London get named

    Anglo Saxon Knights

    Modern London

    London has grown from a small port settlement into the huge capital city we know today. It has many magnificent historic buildings to boast of and some strange eccentricities too.

    London get named

    London inSL

    Second Life has hosted London since 2006 and the city there has also undergone many changes and modernizations. The latest changes are the mesh builds, new clubs and transport systems. As it’s always changing, it’s worth checking in regularly to see what’s new there today.

    London get named

    London in Second Life is a busy hub of activity

    London as a Name

    The name London can have come from one of many roots. So far we know it could started as: a wide flowing river, the name of a wild chief, the pool of the Thames, or Temple of Diana.

    We cannot say for sure where the original name came from, because there was no written history when it began, however we do know it was called Londinium in the Roman era and from that ‘London’ was born.

    It’s fitting that a city with such a complicated past would have a name that changed and evolved over the years. Thankfully, the city has been called ‘London’ for some time now – this is the name we know the city as today.

    London get named

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  • Buzz about Town…What to do this weekend in London!

    August 3, 2017 • Entertainment, News, Second LifeComments (0)


    This weekend like most weekends there is always something buzzing about London! With the start of the month we are kicking off our London Summer Carnival with an array of activities and events for visitors and residents to enjoy!  It’s only a matter of which one to go too first, ahh the choices are countless and the fun is out there to be had. You have to just visit one or all to see for yourself!

    Our month long celebration of summer takes us too the Events field, there you will find a lovely carnival set up with rides and attractions for you too enjoy! Care for a bite too eat, have a seat at the cozy eating area and enjoy some fish and chips! Too anxious to stop, well grab  some popcorn or candy floss and explore all the rides  packed with thrills and shrills until you can’t any more!

    London Fairgrounds destination

    Coach & Horses

    If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere then the lovely Coach and Horses is for you!  Settle in at the pub, grab a pint and enjoy the walloping on the decks from DJ Wiccy starting at 4pm SLT Saturday evening.   Then to wrap up the weekend at the pup, DJ Rave will settle in at 6pm SLT and take over the airways with music that will have you not regretting that you spent your night at the Coach and Horses Pub in London!

    Coach 512


    Perhaps you like a little more bass in your face, a bit more groove to make you move. Then The Underground is the place for you!  Live DJ’s assault your senses with the pumping beats flowing out of the speakers. The club rattles and shakes hard, and not just from the Tube that runs through the atmospheric club.  The DJ’s shelling out missiles of music is what really drives your experiences in hard!  The Underground kicks off it’s Friday this month with a Schools Out for Summer themed  event! Dress in your best, sassiest or snarky School attire to join in the fun.

    There will be contests and prizes, trivia and so much more that you will surly regret missing it. The event beings at 10am SLT with DJ Cara and host Skylin, then at 1pm DJ Sang and his host Sweet take over! The day is not done there, at 4pm SLT DJ Deja will close off the night with her chill mix of music that will soothe the soul.   DJ Sang will then return on Saturday at Noon SLT for another set of live mixing beats that will have your pulse racing and body moving for the next two hours!

    20170707 Snapshot 1024 105

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  • Trianthem Was A Huge Success!!!

    July 28, 2017 • Entertainment, Music, NewsComments (0)

    Over the course of the last Month, here in London The Underground Club has been hosting Trianthems every Friday . Its been a blast to hear these amazing dj’s and see how much fun the fans had. On behalf of London we would like to thank the Managers of UC Sang and Sweets, along with all the Djs that participated: Dj Cara, Dj Sang and Dj Deja. And thank you London Fans for coming out and supporting our dj’s. You can find the Underground club in our beautiful Knightsbridge Sim.

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