Park Lane Shop Rental for Discerning Business Person

January 26, 2015 • News, Rentals, Second Life, Shop Rentals, Shopping

Park Lane Shop Appeal

Park Lane View

5 Park Lane is in Line of Sight directly from the busy Hangout HUB area in London.

If you want the best location for your store in Second Life, check out that shop on Park Lane! It’s the best location for any store, because it’s facing the incredibly busy Hyde Park HUB area. It’s set on the London Mayfair sim along one of the most profitable streets in all of Second Life.

This location is great for a designer brand looking for its first exclusive store in a busy location. If you want a showcase for your brand, or want to be an affiliate reseller with potential… This is the place for your store – A Park Lane Shop!

The Shop at 5 Park Lane

Park Lane Shop

A lovely Boutique shop, perfect for a chain for teleporting to their main store, for a single designer, or an affiliate reseller.

This Park Lane shop isn’t huge, it’s just 192m2. But its 50 available prims make sure you can make it look a million dollars. Because the store is in direct line of sight from the Hub, it’s impossible to miss. As everyone in the hub is instantly looking for new things, they’re bound to see it and come over for a look. After that, it’s up to you. Have you got the eye to make things look uber appealing? Can you ‘sell’ your merchandise because it’s the right product at the right price? Or are you looking for somewhere to test out your ideas?

If so, this is certainly the only place to consider in the whole of Second Life. It’s a bargain and a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Inside the Park Lane Shop.

The inside of a store is a blank canvas – you make it the brand it will become known for.

As with everything ‘London’, there are many wonderful hidden extras. Your shop will be supported by the most caring team in Second Life. We want to see your brand do well, so we will do everything to help you – all you have to do is ask.

Apart from that, all parcels can have media settings personalised so you can show off your things in the best atmosphere, the right music, a good video or even different coloured walls and floors… All these can be yours at no extra charge.

Now for the Freebies!

  1. FREE – Your store will be placed in Linden Lab ‘Search’ for NO CHARGE. Normally a fee of $30 a week, but if you take on a London store – this is totally free. All we need from you is information about your store.
  2. FREE – London has a popular blog and social media team – do you want your brand announced in twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and a whole load of other social media platforms? – Sure you do – FREE in London!

Get your London store today. Contact Sunbeam5, Jason Keegan or Debs Regent. We will all be thrilled to help you.



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