Party and Dance Hard in London!

November 4, 2010 • Uncategorised

BritPop Night at the AList

DJ Jacomo at The Green Man
The Coach and Horses

If it looks like everyone is having a good time..its because they were! You can also have a good time partying in London! Check out our club and pub venues: The AList and Green Man (Westminster); Mayhem and The Coach and Horses (Mayfair); and Rendezvous (Kensington).

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One Response to Party and Dance Hard in London!

  1. Well Folks,If a picture could tell a thousand words..

    I arrived at this party soon after the snapshot was taken and there was even more poeple there.Everyone was in high spirits with some of the credit going to the excellent hosts Dana and Lumia.The music was fantasic,a mixture of Ska,Jazz and every tune that was requested.

    DJ Keif aided by a bar of ”fruit n nut” and copius cups of ”brown” continued for a staggering 6hrs!!….He’s back on the decks Saturday night so get yourselves down there.

    Also,and this has to be mentioned..Monday night saw Competition Night..Ballgowns and Tuxedo’s…The Place was ALIVE and the Prize Fund rose and the result was more people came.It eventually topped out at a whacking great 1800L$!!.The Prize fund was split between everyone on the board.

    Definately one of the hotspots of London.

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