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January 29, 2014 • Business, Culture & Community, News, Tech & Gadgets

5 Facts about the phone and you:


The Telephone was invented and patented in 1876.

Although a lot of people made similar devices, Alexander Graham Bell most aggressively pursued the US patent.


70% of people in the world use a telephone each day.


The free British Telecom directory enquiries service on 192 and 142 was discontinued on 24 August 2003.

When this happened a whole set of new numbers starting with “118” were created and designated for commercial directory enquiries.


In 1907, the English caricaturist Lewis Baumer must have had deja-vu. He published a cartoon in Punch called “Predictions for 1907”.

Hyde Park is the setting where two people have mobile devices to receive text messages.


In the UK now, 92% of people have mobile phones and according to a new Ofcom report 175 billion text messages are sent each year.


– So next time you call a 118 number, you know some of the history behind it.

Note: these fabulous avatars were made by Freya and modeled by Freya & Keira.
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Phone Home


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