Planet Comicon Was A Blast!

May 24, 2016 • Culture & Community, Entertainment, News

Planet Comicon Fun From the US

Hi Londons! I thought since this month was a comicon month, I would post about the one I attend every year. As I mentioned, I attend every year here in the US, and this year is my first year volunteering to work for this event. First, I had a great time! I am writing today about the event called Planet Comicon in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. It is the biggest comicon in the city and I just heard this weekend that it is also in the Top 25 Cons in the US. That I did not know. I have not verified that, I only heard it from one of the organizers. It lasts three days from Friday to Sunday and Saturday is the busiest day.

Planet Comicon Program Guide

I worked on Friday and Saturday for four hours, hustling around as best I could to do what was needed of me. But it was great and I plan to do it again next year! Maybe all three days this time! They must do a background check on each volunteer before they are accepted to work. We had a training night and a tour and then the next day, the madness began! There were lots of celebrity guests this year! I worked in Will Call checking in volunteers and admitting guests and all over the place after that! I was sent to table sit for Arthur Darvil but did not get to meet him, Jenna Coleman was also there, both from the Dr Who series here. My luck on meeting celebrities was just not good this weekend!

There was a very large area called Artist’s Alley where many local (and non local) comic book artists or artists displayed their items and sold their books and art. I really wanted to look around more there but my grandson was hell bent on finding the Predators who walk around to take pictures with them. But we both stopped at a metal art booth and took a look at his items. Here we found so many pictures we loved! They all looked great! We both bought a couple of bookmarks and here are mine. I chose a Halo design and an Alien Queen design. I feel like they should be displayed in a frame!

Pesceffects Bookmarks

Then on to the Predator costume booth! And we found them getting their costumes on and chatting about the costs and details of the costumes and masks. The white predator costume rings up at 4 grand! $4000 US dollars! So that was a bit discouraging to my grandson, or surprising really, I was preparing him for the cost to be way out of our reach. We weren’t serious buyers, but we still wanted to know. Okay so maybe my grandson was… And the mask alone was $500 dollars. So I guess its up to us to make one since we cannot in anyway afford this and he’d grow out of it anyway! He is only 10.

Predator Costume Table

Triple Predators

There were so many great costumes all around the con but these are always our favorites. We look for them every time we go and they never change (so far), but we love seeing them over and over again. The one my grandson loves is the grey tall one. But the creator called it the “White Predator”.  I can’t share all the pics here I think there are somewhere around 70 or so, and a lot of them of the Predators. But I have shared many them on my Plurk (May 22nd, 9:32 a.m.). I think I will just share a few more here that were the most interesting.

Deadpool Photobombs Predators

Deadpool Photobombing Predators

Battlestar Galactica Cylon

Battlestar Galactica Cylon

Mortal Kombat Characters

Mortal Kombat Characters

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons

New Collectible - Ancient Predator

New Collectible – Ancient Predator

R2D2 Wandering The Crowds

R2D2 Wandering The Crowds

It was great fun! My grandson ended up with a new Predator collectible and I just always love it every time I go. I need to plan so I can purchase more but this year so many things had gone wrong and needed replacing that it may not have helped at all to plan! I’ve had too many expenses this month alone! But there is always next year and I did pick up business cards of those whom I would contact prior to the next Planet Comicon!

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